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    Will the MOW award for the 28th Dec to 2nd Jan be included in the awards of December?

    I was just wondering whether the last week of a month which includes a couple of days of the next month will be announced in the said month or the next, as more number of contribution from members are existent in the former month than the latter one.
    It is just a curiosity that struck my mind, so that I know about this site better and it would help members in scheduling their pace of contribution.
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    I don't about these and as of my guess it will include in December, as going with that in that week most of the days are from December, so I think it will be included in December.

    Let's wait for someone to clarify that.

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    I do not really understand the importance of whether the points are included in the previous month or next. For arriving at the announcement of the member of the week award, the contributions from Monday to Sunday are considered - no matter whether the days fall in previous calendar month or next. Likewise, for MOM, points from calendar month from first day to the last day of the month are taken into account. Apart from that point, it should be a concern for a regularly contributing member.
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    It is important because in recent days Techulator is not counting the contributions submitted after the last day of a month in the said month's payment announcement.
    So if members submit more number of articles on the last few days of a month but the award goes to the next month, then the calculation becomes a little bit confusing, as it is not becoming the exact calculation of the month's contribution.
    Say, if a member submits more than five articles on the last week but that goes to the next month's contribution, then that member loses out from the chances of getting both MOW and MOM awards in the said month. And when Techulator is strict about counting the last date of the month, the contributions submitted before that date should be counted in it in awards too, isn't it?

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    Not exactly Anwesha, yiu will not lose out of MOW and MOM awards as the winners are announced only after the contributions for the particular month or week are reviewed. Well, yes - the announcement will move to the next month's payment.
    As for instance, the awards for MOW and MOM for December were announced only a couple of days ago because the contributions were still pending for review. Yes - since the payments were announced before the announcement of awards - the winners will need to wait till next payment to get those payments, however the awards were announced keeping the contributions for that particular period in view.

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    But suppose in December, the contribution of a member is more than others but submitted in the last week, then if it is moved to the next month, how will the member achieve the MOW and MOM award? Everything will be counted afresh in the next month, and this particular member's contribution will lose out in that case.

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    Why will any contribution in the previous month be moved to next month? It will be considered as being the contribution from previous month itself. Award announcements do not take into account whether the payment for previous month has been made.
    As for instance - in my own case, I got a payment announced for December on 2nd January, but the announcement of MOW for 21st Dec to 27th was announced in Jan. It considered the contribution for that particular week. Likewise, MOM award (which went to Mahesh) was announced only after all the contribution from the month of December across all sections were reviewed. So there would be no question of losing out of an award.
    In short, we wait till All contribution from All members across All sections are reviewed even if it takes as long as the half of next month.
    I do hope it is clear to you now.

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    As far as I know, since last few months, in the case of awards, the Webmasters do hold back the announcement if posts are still pending for review by the editors (but not if pending for corrections to be made by the member as they cannot wait indefinitely for such corrections to be made). It does make a difference, though, in payments since if we do not reach the minimum payout level of Rs.1000/- we are obviously losing out by having to wait for the next payment, which I must say is frustrating.


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