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    Does increase in Points increase the earning?

    First of all, I couldn't understand the purpose of points. What are points for ? Does increase in points increase the earning amount ?
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    Not really, but increasing point may help to increase membership level in this site and other associated benefits. Anyhow, in some cases, increasing points help to get the cash credits too or vice-versa. For example, if you write an article, published over here, if it is approved then your article may get from default 2 points to any higher number of limited points and cash credits based on the quality contribution and presentation.

    For more detail on points system of the site, kindly check this link [and]

    Wish you a good luck!


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    Points indicate the level of your contribution to the site. Since all the sections of the site do not carry cash credits, your points will not be equal to your earnings.
    But, yes - the points play a major role when deciding a winner for Member of the week and Member of the month awards.

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    The points and cash credits go at per at Resources, Ask expert and in Product Review section. The contests conducted here would add to cash credit but won't add any points.
    In Forum Section you get points and if it reaches 100 points or more in a month, only then you are eligible for becoming one of the superstars of that Section. There your points would count to get the amount of cash depending upon where you stand in compared to your competitors. For example, if you have acquired the maximum number of points crossing 100, in this section, you would be given a cash credit of Rs.250, the next two level down are given Rs.200 and Rs.150.
    To know more in details,
    click here

    And as said above the points you achieve would increase your membership level which allows you to do much more in Techulator, which results in earning more.

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    As all of them shared above, points will reflect the level of contribution of you towards this site. Points don't have any relation to earnings.

    And also, as Vandana shared points are one of the criteria for taking your name into the eligible list of choosing super contributors of the particular section.

    Your points and earnings will not be same, as in discussion forums in most of the cases you will get only points, not earnings and also if you get awarded, you will get points and earnings. ( In some cases, earnings will be more than points for awards)

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    There is no reason to have more points and less earnings. There can be less points and more earnings. If you keep winning super contributor awards or such - your earnings will exceed your points.
    Points and earnings do not go hand in hand most of the times except in Ask Experts and resources sections. For other sections like forum, your points go on increasing, but not earnings. And when you win an award, your earnings exceed your points.
    However that does not mean the points do not hold any value. They show the strength of your performance.

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    It is also exciting to see one's rise in points just for the heck of it! Let's say, one reaches some kind of milestone, such as 1000 points from the articles sections. Isn't it thrilling and a matter of pride? That's another purpose of points - keeping us hooked to consistently contributing to achieve such moments of pride.

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    Well, truly indeed - even though the points have no bearing on the earnings, you keep feeling motivated more on seeing the points rising.
    That is exactly what keeps me hooked to the site.

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