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    Details about the how i can earn with this awesome site?

    hey guys ..glad to be here and this is ramsaikumar, a 21 year old young blogger working on tech niches and while searching some tech topics i was landed here and want to know how the program is and how i can earn through this ?
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    Welcome Ramsai to one of the best and reliable revenue sharing website in India.
    There are many ways you can earn here on Techulator. It is a community based website which rewards you with points and cash credits for each of your contributions. The best section to start off would be Ask Experts section. Here you can answer the questions asked by members on various technology topics and get points (and cash rewards) depending on the quality and relevance of your responses. You may also ask questions in the section and earn rewards.
    Another section that let's you earn is the articles section. Being a blogger, you may be well aware of the importance of a quality article. I would advice you to go through the approved articles as it will give you an idea of how it works.
    You may post responses to already posted articles. Techulator also runs article contests from time to time. You can be a win additional cash credits if you win.
    Apart from those cited above, there are weekly and monthly awards based on the performance in each section.
    I would advise you to go through the different sections of the site for a couple of days to get a proper understanding of how it works and then start contributing.

    Good luck!

    Live....and Let Live!

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    Welcome Ramsai to the site of Techulator, where you gain confidence too apart from your earnings.

    Not repeating the earlier rules, so explaining you some other things which you need to have if you want to earn from this site.

    In the first place let me assure you that Techulator is a very accommodating site where encouraging young talents is the motto.
    But our editors make it sure that you learn the art of writing before approving your posts. So if there is some mistake, the editors will give you multiple chances to rectify them, and till you perfect it will keep sending them to the "pending status".

    If you lose patience and don't follow the procedure with patience, then you lose the chance of earning.
    Here you have to accumulate a minimum amount of Rs. 1000 to receive a payment in a month. So, work hard, participate in our contests, keep posting quality articles, follow the rules and keep your mind open to learning. At the end of the month your earning is assured.

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    Welcome to our tech site. Note that working on your own tech site would be different from working here, in the sense that you need to understand that shallow content, poor quality, copied content, etc are not allowed here. While you may gather information from other sites or printed matter, it is very essential that you submit in your own words and style of writing. What's more, you need to take care of even the smallest details, such as starting a sentence with a capital letter, writing 'I' instead of 'i', not using slang or short SMS-type words, etc. There are really high cash awards alongside high cash credits given for good quality content, besides which you can also earn through the Google AdSense revenue sharing program. That is, if you are having an AdSense account, you can associate it with your account here.

    Do spend some time browsing through already approved posts in the various sections and understanding how content needs to be submitted.


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