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    Twitter to expand character limit from 140 to 10000 - how will it impact you?

    Twitter is thinking to expand the character limit to 10000. According to reports pouring in, the current character limit of 140 will stand changed to 10000 soon. How will it affect Twitter's popularity?

    As for me, twitter has been a unique network with its 140 character limit. It has, in fact, given rise to unique writers who have become masters of the art of sharing lot of info within a few characters. With the expanded limit, twitter will definitely loose the uniqueness it has enjoyed over the years. I just hope it will not give rise to those long hate speeches.
    Well, the crux of the discussion is we don't want another Facebook.
    How will it affect you? How many of you welcome the change, and how many of you feel it would be annoying?

    Come on, Techians - share your views here.
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    It would be somewhat annoying, with 140 limit, it has been a challenge to fit in the perfect character limit. Now with the limit to 10,000, it would be somewhat filled with spam content.

    Now am using URL shortener, while sharing URL, now have an opportunity to share the complete URL, this has been the only positive of this.

    Rather than positives, negatives have been more.

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    Well, need to agree to what has you stated about the URL. But, in the long run it is not something that would enthuse a true twitter lover. And I guess Pranay agrees to it.
    Live....and Let Live!

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    I think this is going to be really annoying. Also some of the people are going to write big essays. And this is only going to make people be more argumentative. That means you are going to see some twitter users writing magazine type article. I think short was sweet for twitter. I am guessing the reason for adding more words into the twitter is because they want more keywords for the advertisers. The more people write on twitter, there are going to be more keywords in their tweets. Still it'd be interesting. I see this as direct competition to blogging.

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    I do not think it would benefit twitter in any way. There are a few businesses which have built their applications based on twitter protocol which may not accept the change.
    And as Mahesh pointed out, this will give rise to long essays. As far as my personal experience goes - I love it because it increases the chances of getting your message across. It improves your writing skills.
    If you go for longer posts, there will definitely be lesser focus among the readers.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    The charm of Twitter will fade away,
    the name "Twitter" will not suit the way,
    the twits to read will take a day,
    the fans of Twitter will fly away.

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    What a poetic response from Anwesha - nice! I do feel Twitter will lose its inherent charm in being short and sweet. In school we had lessons in precis writing, where we learned how to compress a lengthy paragraph into a shorter, concise one. Twitter in that sense is an educational tool too, in the art of precis writing. Now, with the expansion allowance, I feel the tweets will simply be meandering ones. Short, crisp messages will vanish, to be replaced by needlessly long ones.

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    And the effect has already been showing up - even before the plans have been put to reality! Twitter is witnessing a fall in its share prices which have been reported to be down by 2%.
    That clearly shows what users are looking for on Twitter. Hopefully, the social network site rethinks about the strategy.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    Thanks a lot for help!

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