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    This particular AE Question of mine isn't showing its traffic

    While checking the traffic of my Ask Expert Questions I found that one of my questions isn't showing its "Check traffic" results. It is showing "no data found". What could have happened? Has anybody experienced the same?
    Please let me know if there's any step to be taken from my side. Here is the url:

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    To be frank, the check traffic feature is something I have never been able to understand all through my one year of association with Techulator. There may be many members who share my concerns in this regard.
    I do not think there is anything you can do to get traffic to the question. Most you can do is to share the URL on your social network. Share it on Facebook, Twitter and as many of your social profiles. Attempt giving internal links ( be sure of valid links) within the site to your post. It may help getting traffic.
    As I can see if I check it for " last week" tab, it shows one page view.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    The Check Traffic feature according to me is not functioning very clearly. I had raised this issue twice earlier, one last month, but have not got any feedback on it from the Webmasters. See my earlier thread: Problem with Check Traffic unresolved. I really do not know if we can ever reach the magic number of 1000 visits to claim the special reward for it when we are confused in the first place about how the feature works! Some clarity from the Webmasters would be useful for our understanding.


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    I found that feature limited too. It seems the reason being analytics often requires lot of resources so it's not even trust-able on user level. I guess server logs in such case are more accurate not just for sites but for every file accessed from server.

    I personally also find the statcounter feature not helpful. Considering the free account has very limited log file duration ( 2 weeks).

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    What I mean to say is, my other questions are showing some results, say even the bare minimum like 3, or 6. But this particular one, isn't showing any data at all.
    Even I am not clear about how it works, but this much is understandable, that it shows some figure of page visits, based on some calculation, which isn't being shown in this particular case.

    Few members are achieving that 1000 visits here which proves that it worked for them. It would be nice if those members who have already benefited from this feature explain something and help us out.

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