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    Why are the response post for resources and points are less from my profile.

    Sir, Respectfully sending this massage for from few days my response post and points are less from my profile. Why are less from my response post and points, after given points and marks are less from my response post at resources section. I will not success in my rank to posting articles at resources section.I beg your perdon the decisions of the results of resources. V
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    Please explain your problem in a more clear language. As per my guess, if you are trying to say, that the points displayed in your profile is more than the points you achieved in resource section, then that is inevitable, as you gain points for everything you post in Techulator including the resource points. Hope that has helped you to some extent.

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    Dear Sir/Madum, Thansgiving to you for response my forum. Again I beg to state that I will already checked my profile at resources section but could not found my points, there are some are existing in my profile and some aren't existing. I will started response posting from the date 19/12/2015 , after sending the response the articles and points are included but after some time I again login my account then the points and resource articles are not appeared.

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    If I have clearly understood what are you trying to point out let me attempt at explaining It to you.
    When you post a resource response, the points are assigned to your response based on the length of your response. It is just the same as the points acquired for your forum threads or respons. But, when an editor reviews your resource response, he/she will assess it based on the relevance and quality. And as such, may decide to hike or reduce the points (along with cash credits) as the case may be.
    In your case, the points are reduced because your responses do not add any extra value to the resource posted and that could be the reason your points are reduced. I would advice you to kindly improve your language skills and post some quality responses to the resources. Add some extra value to the resource by providing some additional info.

    To explain it to you in clear language - if I post a response to a resource which goes like " a very good analysis. Your language and explanations have made it clear to me ....." and goes on for long length, I'll get 5 points instantly. But when the editor reviews it, the points will be reduced to zero - because I've not added anything useful to the resources.

    Hope your doubts are cleared now.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    Krishajit Baruah,
    The problem with your responses to articles is that they are not at all clear nor do they add any extra value to the article. A response should be such that it is adding some more information on the article topic, thereby adding good additional content to the page. Your responses are merely repeating some facts already provided in the article and thus not adding any value. Additionally, you need to drastically improve your English skills. You could use online grammar tools and work on your English. Sorry to say, overall your responses are of poor quality and hence a lot of them have got rejected.


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