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    A fruitful journey of a year on Techulator

    I would be completing my one year of association with Techulator today. And I am glad to conclude that it has really a fruitful and motivating journey so far.
    I joined Techulator on 1st Jan., 2015 and now as on 31st Dec.,2015 I stand here with member rank 1 and an accumulated earnings of Rs. 30087. That should be a good achievement by any standard. I am now at No.3 spot only after Ankit and Tony Sir among the all time contributors list.
    Other than what I have earned directly here, there are many indirect benefits that Techulator has brought me. I am being contacted by bloggers to write content for them. In a zeal to contribute to Techulator, I have been getting more knowledge in the field of technology as I continuously keep checking new developments and that raises the horizons of the information that I attain.
    From a newbie who had no knowledge on how to write for websites, I know have over 100 approved articles on Techulator. Not that I am a quality writer, yet that should speak in itself as to how much Techulator has been of help to achieve what I have done.

    Heartfelt thanks to the team for recognising my efforts and making me what I am today. Not to forget that Techulator made me an editor within just 3-4 months of joining the site!

    Thank you Techulator for all the support and achievement and thanks fellow members who kept motivating me.
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    It's been a pleasure reading your content, replies and posts. I am taking my time to trying to write better and improvise myself.

    My plan with the site this year was to improve my own writing style and write better content. The journey of working on my own skill while watching others is refreshing.

    I wish to reach the position of a content writer with my other projects outside Techulator.

    I hope new year brings you more achievements on and off this site.

    Wishing you and others on techulator happy new year!


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    Thank you Mahesh for those kind words. It is because the fellow members like you that I have been able to achieve whatever I have till now.
    I have plans to start my own blog this new year and hopefully it takes off and succeeds.

    Happy New Year to all.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    Congratulations Timmappa and it's always great to see your contribution and dedication towards techulator.

    This is my 90th Day in Techulator and looking forward to more of my journey in this techulator family.

    Carry your good away in the same pace and go along the road for an awesome journey of all the life.

    Thanks and Happy New year to all the techulator members.

    Wish this year will bring more Happiness and joy in every one life.

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    That's a good deal of motivational words. Thank you Pranay and wish you too would achieve the same.
    Live....and Let Live!

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    Congrats Timmappa on achieving the 1-year milestone, that too appropriately at the start of a new year! Wishing you continued success to reach your goals for 2016.

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    Well, that would be the regular feature every New Year's Day because I joined Techulator on 1st Jan in 2015. Hopefully, I will be able to achieve the similar kind of success this year too. More so, with my plans of starting my own blog.

    Thanks Vandana for the wishes.

    Live....and Let Live!

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