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    Thanks to Techulator got my first affiliate program payment!

    I am thrilled to share with you some wonderful news - I received my very first payment for the Amazon India affiliate program! I do not recall when exactly I joined this program - it has been quite a few years ago - and despaired of ever reaching the minimum payout level. I finally did 2 months ago and received the payment this month as per their payment schedule.

    The main avenue of earning through affiliate links has been Techulator & a small bit from my blogs. We have been allowed to give our affiliate links in our entries for various contests and it is through these contests that I have made the earnings. I am really grateful to the Webmasters for conducting such contests & permitting members to use their affiliate links in the articles for the contests.

    Thank you!
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    Congratulations Vandana for achieving the first affiliate payment from Amazon via Techulator. Receiving anything for the first time will always be an awesome feeling.

    Congratulations once again.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    Congratulations Vandana! Affiliate marketing is itself a specialized field of earning. It's good that somebody from TEC is getting earnings from there.

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    Congratulations Vandana for your first payment through amazon affiliate India program and if you want to go further in this process then go along with it, create a blog with amazon affiliate product ( known as amazon niche blog) and if you can rank that, you will make $$$. Once search in google for more info on that.

    Congratulations Once again.

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    Congratulations. I never did well with Amazon India for some reason. I have lot of conversions for Amazon US though. I hope to change that in near future.

    I didn't knew we are allowed to use Affiliate links in our articles. Are we allowed to use Amazon Affiliate URLs in product review articles?

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    Mahesh, we cannot use affiliate links in a post, only for articles which we submit as entries for a contest. However, if you do wish to use affiliate links otherwise, then you need to open a separate account. In that case, you will get no cash credits for your articles submitted through that account. Refer: How to use affiliate links in your articles. For that separate account too, affiliate links are allowed for articles only and not for other sections.

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    Thanks Vandana. That link was helpful. I'll see if I can do something with second account in near future.


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