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    Are you particular about a specific brand when buying gadgets?

    When we visit a retail store or browse through e-commerce sites for shopping, most of us are likely to first look at the price tags. We would want to buy something that fits in our budget and not be willing to pay for something which is way above that budget. Suppose you do come across something that is within your budget. Would you then be particular about the brand? It could be anything - a smartphone or laptop or even a kitchen appliance. For example, if the price of a Godrej washing machine is somewhat similar to that of an LG model, would you prefer to buy one brand over the other? If there was a difference of just, say, Rs.200/-, then too would you go for saving that amount or go for the brand?
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    I used to be brand conscious earlier due to my interest in Apple and other brands. As time went I realized that brand loyalty means nothing and we miss on a lot of good products that costs less than the brands.

    Most of the top brands are good with customer service. And that is the only reason you should choose them for the purchase.

    Often the branded items are inflated and they don't even sustain for longer period. So it all comes down to things such as - your budget, your requirements, amount of months the product remains functional.

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    I will go with brands in some cases and with a price tag in other cases which depends on the type of product I look for. Because of my experience in buying different things and analyzing both branded and non-branded things which are available in low price tags.

    The problem with top brands is after buying the things, for customizing or any repair they usually charge a lot than usual.

    When go for Long term I go with the brands ( especially on Electronics, Clothing) and when for short term, I usually go with price tag and get it out.

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    Well, I would go for quality rather than a brand or budget. I would check for far more than just the brand.
    The best thing with going for a branded product is that you get better after sales service.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    I would definitely want to save money so my first option would be to go for the less expensive product irrespective of the brand. Then I would check reviews of that product and decide whether or not it is worth the buy. If there are negative reviews, naturally I would not buy it & would then look for another brand's product.

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    That's exactly what I do. I would first list out the products that fit my budget and needs. From this scratch list, I would check for the reviews for the particular product from reputed review sites. I focus on the real user comments for a review as I believe they provide you more insight into the product. Only then, will I check the brand. If I am getting a better product - though from a lesser known brand at affordable price, why not go for it?
    Live....and Let Live!

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    Yes, mostly we go by brands because of quality assurance and the feedback. Apart from service centers and other benefits, things generally flow in a smoother fashion with a first level of security. Non branded gadgets do not guarantee you anything, and you cannot be sure of a smooth solution if something goes wrong.

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