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    Does TEC give annual awards?

    I was just wondering whether there are any annual awards in the form of cash credits or certificates or any other prize for members at Techulator. That is, if there have been members who have contributed consistently throughout the whole year, do the Webmasters announce any awards for them in January? If not, it would be a good idea to start such a reward scheme and announce 2015 annual awards in the first or second week of January 2016. A few members could be selected by the Webmasters themselves, based on the overall quality of their contributions. The awards would be an indication of the Webmasters' appreciation for their work in helping toward the development of the site. It would also surely encourage and inspire them to continue with Techulator.
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    Good Idea Vandana and I think this will also ensure members to go for long term contribution on the regular basis. If these awards are presented then from where the revenue should be generated for this awards? many more questions to be answered.

    I think discussing broadly over this will give a great solution for this good intiative.

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    As far as my experience with Techulator over the last one year ( four more days to go for completing one year on TEC), the site does not announce any annual awards. However, there are a few awards announced to recognise the contributions by members, but there is no specific schedule for the same. It is dependent on webmasters decision.
    The idea put forth by Vandana is indeed excellent. It will definitely encourage the members to produce quality content. But, since it involves allocation of requisite funds- only webmasters, and Tony sir can shed more light on this matter.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    If not cash prizes, perhaps the recipients could be given gift cards or vouchers from, say, Amazon India. They can then purchase something of their choice. Wouldn't that be nice?!

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