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    Current scenario in college placements.

    Why is there that big companies with a decent salary packages prefer to hire students from IITs and NITs rather than from small private colleges?
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    Let's start with my introduction, am from so-called small private college. Am from CBIT Hyderabad. Just think in a company point of view its all about branding, IIT's Nit's provide much more facility in terms of infrastructure and all these when compared to private college.

    Another point is staff in private college just focus on bookish knowledge and all that stuff, they do research very less. when you take account in IIT's professor's do research a lot and they have little time to teach students.

    To be simple let's leave it all. Consider a case where we think all the college's have the same engineering, means where the student doesn't study enjoyed a lot and reads for the exam just a night and write the exam. This is what everyone thinking and even myself have done the same.

    So if you take above points, same policy follows those IIT's Nit's students have already proven that they got talent in entrance exams. so even if no one studies they have an edge over others.

    I have a practical example, where I got placed in a company with the moderate package and my friend from BITS Hyderabad placed in the same company with the High package and one more friend has also placed in the same company with very high package ( 16-20 LPA), you can see how it goes.

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    Tarun, this is a really good thread for a first post at our site. Good. Hope you come up with more such interesting topics to discuss and also contribute in our other sections.

    Regarding the topic under discussion: I think it is the institute where one has studied that is given a preference. The very name of IIT or NIT on a job candidate's C.V. immediately gets the attention of the recruiter and it is automatically assumed that the candidate would not only be surely qualified for the job but also deserving of a good salary package. This is sad actually, because it is quite possible that, no matter the academic qualification, does the candidate really fit into the job? Does the candidate have the actual skills to be warranted a higher salary than one coming from a lesser known institute? Not everybody can afford the fees of reputed institutes even if they are really brilliant both in studies and skill-wise.


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    That is the irony of our education system. There are people who have secured highest marks at the said institutes and based on them they just get into the higher salary package. We have many graduates who have better acumen to fit into the job being offered, but has studied in a local private institute and has secured less marks ( because of the facilities being inadequate) will lose out in the job market.
    It has very well been observed in most of the companies that the higher ups have the higher salary package, but are less knowledgeable than the subordinates with both of them having same academic credentials. . That should explain the irony i am pointing to.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    Education system is structured similar to consumer market in India. For example, If it's Iphone then it means quality, otherwise it's cheap and useless. Same with educational institute, if it's NIT, BITS and IIT then it's quality otherwise students are less hard working and poor workers. That's the mindset of the business world in india. Even some startups showcase themselves as "founder is from IIT". In reality, does it make any difference to you if the person is from IIT or not while using the product? No. But the way education system is designed, people assume that it is the way things are going be. And not even people from popular institute are going to challenge this assumption.

    During Deloitte and KPIT cummins campus (in my campus years), they specifically mentioned that they want 70% womens quota. And when high scoring females appeared for interview then HR and other recruiters selected candidates on the basis of looks. So it slap on the face on the basis of gender discrimination and then later the discrimination is on the basis of looks. And mind you these two MNCs are among Top 1000 IT companies.

    Does talent has to lobby itself based on gender? But that is new happening trend to give preference based on gender.

    Lot of IT companies often ask for the practical test to check whether candidate is legit. And they expect candidate to solve some hardcore algorithms. And when they get the job and start working. For 5-6 years all they do in a job is connect their webapp with the database. Apart from that they barely know anything else. As long as product sells, they get salary revisions. At this point, it hardly matters what you do because you crossed the gate.

    Some of the interviews in IT industry are conducted as if we are giving audition for Roadies or India't got talent. Ironically the people who take your interview are not even aware of the true answer in many scenarios.

    Now that I am out of this phase. I frequently talk to the people who are into business and startups. Most of them are not educationally qualified yet when it comes to recruitment they assume hiring a person with high score in exam makes their business successful. And irony is they are not high scoring people themselves. Does that mean we just need to hire high scoring people to succeed? So it's kind of self contradictory.

    In short, things are going to be like this, unless we get them out and ridicule them. Otherwise this lobbying, bias and false assumptions are going to destroy careers of many students. So they have to come out and eradicate such unfairness in the educational system.

    In reality, just get yourself placed and establish yourself. Or else struggle and complain. That's how real world works. (Not being harsh but it's my personal realization)

    Only good thing about campus these days is that there is no recruitment on the basis of caste. You know this is the only improvement we have in last 2 decades.

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    Good analysis, Mahesh. And the examples you came up with are clearly indicative of how the real world works contradicting it's own history.
    On this modern age of social media, why don't we make use of the power of social media to spread the awareness across? Instead of rallying behind those likes and selfie craze, social media can really be used to eradicate such practices.

    Live....and Let Live!

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