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    If given a choice on a contest win to select a gadget which would you choose?

    Here's something interesting to think over. Suppose you won a contest. As the winner, you have the option to select between one of 3 gadgets:
    (a) A smartphone
    (b) A Tablet
    (c) A laptop

    Assume that all 3 of the gadgets are within the same price range and have excellent features. They all are also of the same brand. Now, which would you choose? Supposing you already had one of these gadgets, would you then select another one or go for the same type?

    Let's see what would be the choice of TECians and why they would choose one over the other two types.
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    Laptop - the bigger, the better.

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    My personal preference is - Laptop.

    The reason being smartphone and tablets, don't offer the long term support in terms of software and hardware. For example after 1 year, the updates stop coming for certain models of smartphone and tablet. In such case the new apps don't work on the hardware anymore. You do get option to manually install the new Android version. However, not many people can do that.

    In case of Laptop, you can assume minimum 2 years of usage under extended warranty. You can even extend laptop usage as long as 4 years.

    Also one more point is the screen size. The more screen size better it is for writing and for design work. If your only work is consumption of content from internet then smartphone or tablet either of it works.

    I'd choose laptop considering all these options and pros and cons.

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    Well, I would opt for a Laptop. That's because it is a complete multi purpose device. It is durable as well. You get an extended lifetime of up to 5 years for a laptop. A tablet or a smartphone would - definitely - not be that much capable in terms of durability. More so in the current trend of fast changing technology, you can't expect a smartphone to be relevant even for six months.
    Screen size matters a lot in addition to the other benefits.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    I would rather go with Tablet the reason for this is because I don't have one, so will take it and use it and explore it.

    If all the 3 gadgets are with me then I would go with SmartPhone because I can work on my laptop with the older version also.Laptop for my work involves social networking, blogging etc.So software upgrades all that I think I don't need in my laptop will be happy with the present one.

    So will go with the latest SmartPhone because of my Nexus 5 is 18 months Old, the so recent smartphone will give me better options and SmartPhone is the one which I use for multipurpose like gaming , social networking, call Apps etc. So mostly I need a new smartphone and can adjust with my laptop. Personally am not a fan of the tablet, so will not care about that.

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    I do not own a cell phone and am not at all keen on owning one. So the smartphone option is out. Nor would I be tempted to opt for the Tablet. I just hate small screens and I think a laptop's utility is greater than the other 2 gadgets. Also, I would definitely prefer a laptop even if I already own one as it could be used by another family member and as such would not be a white elephant gadget.

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