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    We want our old gems back on Techulator - a call to all veterans

    Techulator has always been a treasure house for the prolific writers. We have had masterpieces authored by them in the past. We are missing some of the gems and their valued contributions back on the site. Not that the site is missing in action in any way. We have a new generation of able authors, but still it would be a nice experience to have them back on the site.
    Here Is a welcome call for all those veterans to be back on Techulator and enrich the site. Missing specially are
    Prashant Dalal
    Paresh Gujarati

    There are many names but I cannot recall all of them. Wish to see them back with their valued contributions.
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    Thank you for for this initiative. I offer my full support for this. Let me know what is needed from my side to make this initiative a grant success and get our veterans back on board.

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    Well, most we can do is to spread our intentions by sharing our eagerness to have them back with us. Let us share it on our social profiles. Let us contact the members directly through their contact details available with us.
    Finally, that is what we can do. Coming back to us is the decision that solely rests with them.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    One more name that I wish to add is Bhakti Savla. she too was a very active member with quite good range of contribution.

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    This is similar to the initiative I launched at earlier this month to invite back good contributors. What I did was, after posting the invite as a forum thread, I contacted all those I remembered who were good authors & who had left. I sent them the URL of that thread, requesting them to return to contribute. I also requested other members to contact whom they knew via Facebook. I suggest the same could be done here. Contact personally those you know and request them to resume contributions.

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    Glad to see my name in the list. Actually, I am very busy these days due to my 12th board exams. That's why, I am not actively participating in techulator. However, I often visit the forum to see what's going on here. Presently, I am in a read-only mode.

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    Muddassir, glad you are still active, though in " read only" mode. Hope to see you coming back soon.
    Live....and Let Live!

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    Wow, great initiative and I look forward to those veterans who are new to me. Personally am bored of this site seeing the only contribution from few of them.

    so bringing back those veterans will provide some energy with all the members.

    Looking forward to that.

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    I raised this topic in the last month
    Where are our fellow members.

    Good to see Timmappa recurring the same. Hope to see more positive responses this time.

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    Yes, Anwesha - I remember your thread on the same topic. I too hope to see at least a couple of members springing back into action for the site.

    Let us hope for the best. Meanwhile I request the members to contact them personally if you have their contact numbers.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    Oh Guys I miss you too! I am currently working on my YouTube channel to gain more subscribers and that's the reason for my sudden disappearance from this site. But I am not totally inactive, I post several products which Tony Sir suggests me through email.

    And Yeah! Glad to see my name in this list. Timmappa, Vandana and Anwesha, you are doing a great job. Your contributions are marvelous and definitely the backbone of this site.

    See you guys.

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    Good see you coming online to say Hi. Your resources and other contributions are missed by all of us here on Techulator. Would love to see you back on the site soon.

    Good luck for your current endeavour.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    Thanks Prashant for encouraging three of us. But do take out some time and join us whenever you can. Would really feel good to see your name among us once again.

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