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    With ear phones plugged in, is the person really listening to music?

    We often see people with ear phones plugged in while waiting for a bus or train. It is possible these are for hands-free mobile use. However, there are many who are apparently listening to music - but are they really doing so? I sometimes wonder if it is merely to pretend to be occupied in listening to music just to avoid having a conversation! For example, perhaps they want to avoid answering queries for directions or when the next train/bus is coming in, etc.
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    Not exactly. I do not think that would be a pretence to avoid being asked queries.
    As far as my personal experience goes, I have seen people with their earphones struck into their ears. But, frankly enough - I am sure they are listening to music. For time and again, they pull up the handset and they change the track.
    It would be totally baseless, or prejudiced to assume that they are just pretending to avoid being asked for directions.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    Coming to my experience, I think you are referring me because am belong to the same type. My reason fo that is I love music literally I will carry the earphones in my pocket all the time.

    Without music, I feel like am missing something and am addicted towards this. Actually, I want to listen to loud music but when you're travelling it is a matter of surroundings so like to plug in earphones and same goes on with the study. I will listen to music while studying also though all of them ( including family members) criticise me of that, am not concentrating on studies or getting more towards to it.

    But I already provided them answers with my marks, so now no one is questioning about that.

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    I gave the example of asking for directions as one of the possible scenarios. I know of a few persons who plug in the ear phones when in the midst of a large group simply to avoid having the necessity of being involved in a conversation and not really listening to music! Once other people see the ear phones, they automatically do not wish to disturb him.

    Music indeed can be soothing to de-stress and, like Pranay, there are youngsters who plug in to help them study though I really cannot fathom how one can focus on the studying when there is constant noise (music) in the ears!!


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    Ya, Vandana the point is we are not learning anything there just we are studying ( means learning those answers and all that work). There is a difference between studying and learning, so that how our education system goes more on studying and less on learning. So I think for studying it doesn't matter if the constant noise in ears and any disturbance from surroundings.

    Even I can't figure out the same how they can study with such calm surroundings.

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