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    Does Techulator deletes all the unwanted waste ?

    I have seen in article section there are many rejected posts which are still in this website and also images which are attached to those article.Myself one of my articles is rejected, so I thought it would be deleted but whole the article along with attachments are still there in it. It will increase the page load.

    One more question regarding attachments, does the attachments gets optimized before uploading them to website or we should optimize them and upload ?
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    We cleanup rejected article once in a while. Sometimes it may take up to an year. We don't delete or opitmize images. If you want the images to be optimized, please do it before uploading it.

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    I think there should be disclaimer kind of thing like optimize before upload because if member doesn't optimize and no one take care of it, site loading time will be increased. Number of articles will increase gradually in site, so my idea is to add disclaimer or editors / webmasters should check them before approving.

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