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    I want to insert mulitple images in my ask expert answer

    I want to embed image in between paragraphs. I used a little trick to do this first uploaded images that I want to embed from Ask Expert question by using this "I want to add some attachments to this question" and successfully done.
    Here is the link

    Then I copied links of images and pasted in my Ask Expert answer

    Everything was ok but after reviewed by editors all images are vanished from my post/answer.
    Is that automatically happened?
    If yes then what can I do to set images?
    If no then why I can't do this?
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    Images can be added to the responses only when it is absolutely necessary. Ask experts need to be to the point. If you can explain the steps with proper links to wait you have to do, then it is fine without images.
    Live....and Let Live!

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    ya, for ask experts questions most of the time images are not required, if it involves steps you can type them manually and project. I have never used images in ask experts.

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    Manoj, you do not need to use any tricks. The attachment option is there for an Ask Expert answer also. You can therefore attach an image to the answer provided it is really useful in the sense that it will be a good explanatory tool in addition to the text. Embedding an image in the answer itself might make the answer over lengthy and resemble an article which would not be appropriate since we look for conciseness in the Ask Expert section. Also, I think there may be a limited number of attachments that you could put for an Ask Expert answer. Let me discuss this issue with the Webmasters and clarify.

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    Well OK, but it was cool for me to use images because most of people want to look at pictures instead of texts.
    You may know a picture is worth a thousand words.

    Thank you for your response Timmappa Kamat, pranay anumula and Vandana .

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    Please do not use such tricks. Attaching images to questions and then adding it to answers are not allowed. Any post in this site cannot use images from any other post.

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    That was exactly my point. I had maintained since beginning that adding images to an Ask Expert response is something you can do when absolutely necessary. As in the case of the cited response, I didn't see any such strong reason for attaching images and that's why I removed them and approved the response. I would have sent the response to pending status citing the same reason, but thought otherwise reflecting on previous performance of the member. Now that, Tony sir has clarified the rules - the matter should rest.
    Live....and Let Live!

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    Thank you Tony sir and Timmappa Kamat for your response.

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