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    Can I provide alternate solution in Ask experts ?

    Hi friends and this is my query regarding answering few Ask experts questions. Refer to this question is Ask experts section.

    So I have the solution for this original problem of network connection in windows 10 but I don't have any solution for his transfer from windows 10 to 8. So what Should I do? Can I post my answer regarding network problem in windows 10? Or it will be quoted as an irrelevant answer?

    Please clear my doubts regarding this.
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    Well, you can add a disclaimer kind of thing and answer the question by providing the alternate response.
    In this particular case, the questioner has the main issue of not being able to access Internet. Since you have the possible solution to the problem, you can easily post the response.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    Ok, thanks timmappa kamat and will keep this points for future questions.


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    Any information that is relevant can be posted as an answer even if it is information that is related to part of the answer. So you can say, for example, "With regard to the.....part of your query, here's what you can do.."


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    Okay Vandana, thanks for the valuable suggestions. Will try this if needed for the next time.

    Anyways thanks.


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