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    How to use Forum footer and Article Footer features

    TECians, I think some of you are unaware of 2 very useful features. When you use these features, the text you put in for them automatically appears. The 2 features are:
    1. Forum footer
    This feature allows you to put a closing to your forum thread and forum response, such as "Regards [name]" or "Thanks [name]" or just your name. You can also put a one line quote if you wish. Ideally, you should not put in more than 3 lines totally.

    2. Article footer
    This feature allows you to put a few brief words about yourself at the end of an article. You can put about 4-5 sentences.

    Where to locate these features:
    1. Go to your dashboard page: Dashboard.
    2. You will see under 'Site Settings' the link for Edit Forum Footer. On that page, the font colour and font name need not be filled in. Just put in text in the box for the forum footer.
    3. Below the forum footer box is the box for the article footer. Enter the text there, of less than 256 characters.
    4. Read all the instructions given below the article footer box.
    5. Do not put anything in the boxes for 'Website Title' and 'Website URL'. We no longer use that.
    6. Click on the 'Save Footer' button.
    7. You will now see the page which shows the preview of the forum and article footer. If you wish to make any changes, click on the 'Edit Footer' button. If you do not wish to make any further changes, click on the 'Finished' button.

    Now go to any forum thread and article of yours and check whether the footers are appearing as they should with the text you put in. If you have any further queries about these features, post them in a response in this thread.
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    Excellent tip!

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