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    Regarding rejection of my article,How to Connect two computers/Laptops Using LAN (Ethernet

    you have rejected my article How to Connect two computers/Laptops Using LAN
    (Ethernet), Cable because of "Article too short".But it is simple steps to Connect two computers/Laptops Using LAN (Ethernet),very useful for i don't elaborate.please consider once again.
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    Hi FathihuNabeel,
    1. Your article is too short - not even 200 words. We accept detailed articles with unique content which should be at least around 300 words.

    2. Article should be about something unique and not on such a topic that already exists on hundreds of websites.

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    Mr. Nabeel, Techulator is a website for technology articles which are beneficial for people. There are some guidelines on writing articles on Techulator.

    1. Your content must be between 500-1500 words.
    2. Your article must be grammatical error free.
    3. Search for latest trends and write on them. (You will get good reward and will be a contribution to website as well).

    If you are facing any issues writing articles or any queries on anything then please use Forum Discussion. You all queries will be solved by editors and members as well.

    Joy Joon

    I am currently pursuing High School and planning to pursue career in Computer. Currently, I work on one of my blog - JTech Articles.

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    I had a look at your article. When writing such articles which contain steps, you could present it in a manner that fulfils the requirement of minimum 500 words (minimum 300 words are also allowed for short, useful articles). You have written just 5-6 lines and clustered the images together. Instead, what you could have done was to begin with an introductory paragraph stating about how it sometimes becomes necessary to connect 2 computers (the type of work that may require such a connection), what is LAN, etc. Then give the step by step guidance, with an image for each step showing below the text of that step. After that, you could give trouble shooting tips - what to do if so-and-so thing happens while following the procedure or at the end if there is still a problem in connecting, how to resolve the problem, etc. At the end, put a few lines as a concluding paragraph. It is also important to put a good summary for an article.

    In addition to the suggestion provided in previous responses to write on unique topics, I would advise you to check already approved articles. You will then understand how to submit the article in proper paragraphs, with headings and points being inserted with the use of HTML tags. The overall presentation then looks neat and reader-friendly.


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