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    Climbed to the position of Top four contributors.

    Glad to share the joyous achievement of making it to the top four position of the all time toppers list. I know I should be thankful to all the fellow members who kept guiding me ever since I joined this wonderful platform.
    Meanwhile I take pride in being able to reach to the top four place in just under eleven months of having been an active member of techulator. I could also garner more than 15000 points during my journey with the site.
    Thanks all members and the team for making me feel special. It would not have been possible without the warm environment I could receive here.
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    Congratulations Timmappa Kamat and this was expected from you. Your contribution to Techulator is very huge.Continue this contribution and occupy the top spot, though which is far away but with another 1 or 2 years, you will definitely reach that spot.


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    Congrats Timmappa! Though no wonder to see you there, but as a member I know how much consistent effort it took to earn this achievement.

    Hope to see more such achievements soon. Keep it up.

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    Thank you Pranay and Anwesha for recognising my efforts. Will keep working at same pace.
    Thanks again.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    @Timmappa You deserve to be at that position. You hard work and great dedication is motivation for all of us here. Best of Luck for your future.
    I am currently pursuing High School and planning to pursue career in Computer. Currently, I work on one of my blog - JTech Articles.

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    Kudos Timmappa for your successful rise! Indeed, it is nothing surprising. You are one member who has been very regular and consistent as compared to most members. You have worked hard and with perseverance and deserve to be in the top 4. It won't be surprising either to one day find you at #1 at the peak!! Wishing you all the best to achieve that position.

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    Thank you Vandana for those kind words. However, I should stress the point that I do not work for achievements, but just wish to share what I know. The achievements and awards come on their own.
    Thanks Joy Joon for the motivating words. I know quite well that you too are capable of such feats.

    Live....and Let Live!

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