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    What are Guest Posts? Are they paid?

    In many blogging sites I have seen this Guest Post tab, where people are encouraged to post articles relevant to the site. These posts too get screened, edited and evaluated. But I am not sure how are they different from regular posts and what makes the difference between a Guest Post and a Regular Post. Is it the monetary factor that becomes the deciding factor, or is it anything else?

    I am also curious to know whether Guest Posts earn any money, or is it only written to get a platform for attracting readers. Friends please enlighten me about this. I am sure there are experienced bloggers here who know the difference.
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    Guest posts from other blogs don't earn you money. That is because the sites are offering dofollow link on the post. The guest post in such case is to bring the traffic from other blog to your landing page or blog. That is the reason most of the guest posts are not paid. However there are some of the sites that accepts paid guest posts and in such case you get paid for writing. For example, website like socialmediaexaminer has guest writer section. You get paid for posting content on their specific sections. Editing and other rules apply here too. I used to write for one Android App review site as a paid reviewer. Then that site went down due to revenue issues. Later similar site popped up but they don't pay and instead we can only use it for linkbait for SEO or portfolio purpose.

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    Guest post in most cases will not be a paid one. Basically, authorised websites will allow a guest post to reduce the burden on them for writing articles and this will give an opportunity to others to show their skills and gain traffic for their blog.Most of the blogs are accepting guest posts.

    The main purpose of this Guest post is traffic and the Backlink which we will gain from that blog.Because of Google recent updates other link building strategies are being turned to spam and the only method which we can rely on is Guest post. Which will bring natural links back to your blog? If it is from the authorised site it will help you to rank.

    Too much of Guest blogging is also considered as Spam.

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    I also think one has to be careful where one is making a guest post if the aim is to provide a link to your own site or blog. Making guest posts at sites which are not popular or are of the type where lot of spamming prevails would backfire don't you think? Further, it indeed one is offered payment, one needs to check the credentials. That is, is the site owner trustworthy and will definitely pay for your work? Or is he the type to make you write then just vanish, shutting down that site and launching a new one with your work appearing there in some tweaked form or even selling your work to a third party to make a profit perhaps?

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    Linking Building is a major factor for you traffic. Getting back links relevant to your article from many high authority sites can help you gain good amount of traffic and earn great money as well. Normally, when any website offers you guest posting then they will feature an amount of links embedded in post's content (usually known as anchor text). Whenever any user will click on those links then you get another organic traffic or a serious blog reader as well.
    As per pro bloggers link building is beneficial to upgrade you Search Engine ranking and must paid attention to. Being myself a blogger, I already guest posted on many website and getting good results as well.

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