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    Where are our earlier fellow members?

    Friends do you remember our earlier days, where there were a good crowd of so many prominent members contributing regularly in Techulator? Where are they now? Though we do see a few names in the Ask Expert Section, and a few new members in the article section too, we don't see our old friends anywhere.

    Why is it so? Can we send them good wishes on the eve of Christmas and New Year? Can we ask them to start contributing again, at least eventually, in their spare time? As Techulator doesn't allow members to delete their membership, they must be in our member list even now and can keep contributing at their own pace.

    Please share your opinion on this as I think, they matter in keeping our site more vibrant, and we do remember them for their valuable contribution.
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    One or two previously regularly active members do pop in from time to time, as per their schedule of their work or academics. I think it is likely also that the site is no longer holding their interest to be regular contributors for some reason or other unknown to us. Maybe they are frustrated at not getting the expected earnings or disappointed at not getting an expected award, etc.

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    Even I guess so. Just wondering if we can do anything to bring them back. Don't you think it is important?

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    I must say I miss many prominent members we had in the past. It is just ten odd months that I have been active on Techulator, yet I have been feeling lack of contribution from many members who were active when I just joined.
    There could be many reasons for this. Most of them use sites like Techulator to gain expertise in writing. Once they are confident enough, they just move on with their own website or blog. Furthermore, there are members who are active in the academic phase of their life. As soon as they land up in a job, they quit the hobby of writing content on such sites.
    Whatever be the reason, there is a need to bring those gems back to the site. On my part, I always keep contacting some prominent members to come back and be active. I have done it with a couple of members in the past, and still continue doing it. Let all of us indulge in this noble cause so that our old members are back with their stellar contributions.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    I agree to you Anwesha but as telling mine story. I was referred by a friend of mine to Techulator. I was not expert while I started working on it. Being alone I was helped by almost everyone on this site. But everyone of us are working to chase our dreams. I worked on Techulator to earn Rs. 10,000 and start my own blogging firms. Working on Techulator helps you gain knowledge and enhances your Writing skills as well.

    From heavy heart, I have to say that now we are not getting that type of environment where everyone was crazy enough to climb at the top, share knowledge, earn and most important part that competition which was used to be in my friends who were fellow members of Techulator that who will earn more.

    I miss those days and will try hard to get more of those newbies to get on this website and achieve their dreams.

    Joy Joon

    I am currently pursuing High School and planning to pursue career in Computer. Currently, I work on one of my blog - JTech Articles.

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    That was a very "true to heart" realization Joy Joon. It is from such kind of honest feedback, that we can understand how this site will fare in its future.

    From my side what I feel, that Techulator and its sister concerns are a very rare initiative in the Web Content Writing zone. As a blogger I too searched a lot and nowhere could find till date a site, where it pays for everything you do.

    It is a platform where budding writers acquire confidence, so just to encourage such a benevolent enterprise we should never let it go down.
    And only more and more participation from different people can work for that sustenance.

    A good initiative needs a Goodwill and we all need it right?

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    I would request all members, especially the editors and team members to keep contacting older members through their social message profiles or any other means to bring them back on Techulator.
    In addition, I would also want new budding writers to evolve themselves and keep contribution. We need to make room for such initiatives that would help budding writers to learn. It would in fact, benefit both the site and the members.

    Live....and Let Live!

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