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    Is Bing a popular search engine?

    I was wondering whether any of you use Bing as a search engine. A majority of Net users use Google's search engine I am sure and maybe a handful of them are using Yahoo. Google, as we know, is referred to as the "giant" of search. So where exactly does Bing stand? Do you think it has any unique aspects which override those of Google or even of Yahoo? That is, is there some feature of Bing which will get a Net user to use it at least once in a while rather than referring to Google? Your thoughts TECians.....
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    Bing is default search engine on Microsoft devices and operating system. For example Bing comes default search on phones. Also Windows Edge has Bing default. And previously IE had Bing as default search engine.

    In terms of use it is equally strong like Google. Also the features offered by bing are pretty much the same to that of Google.

    However some of the interesting features on Phone for Google are more effective than Bing. For example Cortana could use Bing or Google depending on your search setting. However you don't need cortana for searching on android. Similarly many small tweaks on desktop search are more effective with Google. Bing just replicates everything that Google does. One feature that keeps Bing different from google is the wallpaper that changes everyday on their search. Also They are more accurate for some of the local searches.

    If you are a family and don't want some keywords to be searched then you'd find bing better. As bing puts self censorship in asia region and you have to either login to profile or set the region to US to access those type of keywords.

    I'd say Bing is useful. It has it's place. And besides bing being used by other search engines lik ask, duckduckgo and others. I'd say Google definitely deserves such competition to innovate.

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    As far as my personal needs are concerned, I do not use Bing much. However, it is completely dependent on your personal requirements to zero in on which search engine you would wish to use.
    Both Bing and Google have their own set of pros and cons.

    1. Google provides more informative and relevant search whle Bing lags behind. The quality search engine result pagees is lot better on Google.

    2. Bing gas better social network integration. It has closely built in connectivity with Facebook and Twitter. Google relies mostly on Google+.

    3. Instant search ( the suggestions provided by search engines as you type in the query) is better in Google than on Bing. Google provides faster instant search results.

    4. The search results page is more attractive visually on Bing.

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    Mahesh brought out an interesting feature of Bing - about self-censorship. Thanks for that info. I was not aware of it.

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    Yeah certainly Bing is popular. But even I first look for Google, but if I am using someone else's computer and Chrome is not installed there, I go for Bing.

    Previously I used to use Yahoo search, but from my layman's experience, Yahoo search finds lesser results about Indian stuff in comparison to Bing. Here I am not talking about Google, as that is beyond comparison.

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    Due to great advancement in Google's technology, people are not looking towards other search engines. But Microsoft played clever and integrated Bing in Windows 10. Being World's most popular search engine everyone was installing it. Windows 10 came with Cortana which was similar to Siri. Unlike Siri, Cortana used Bing instead of Google increasing around 200% traffic on Bing. After opting Windows 10 many basic users are now using Bing for daily tasks. Still Bing needs to be more evolved with better functionality to attract visitors.

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    Bing currently has a 2.47% share of the worldwide search engine market. Bing's cut of the market has increased by 1.23% since 2019. Bing's market share peaked at 3.63% in 2014. Google, the industry leader, currently has a market share of 92.13%.

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    yes bing is the popular search engine

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    Yes, Bing is a popular search engine. It is also a widely used search engine and provides an alternative search experience.

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