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    Any photographer or photograph blogger here

    I would like to know about some photograph technique and profession. Is there anyone who are in photograph profession or at least have some knowledge about various DSLR camera and its technique etc. to get some nice and professional photographs beside blogging or working for photograph sites etc.

    You may share your knowledge on this or at least your photograph talent to learn better.
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    I know one very close friend of mine who has a DSLR camera. But if you can specify about what exactly you want to discuss about, it would lead to a more fruitful one.

    If you are talking about any specific brand like Canon or any other, we can discuss more in detail.

    Also please explain a bit more on this: "You may share your knowledge on this or at least your photograph talent to learn better." Are you inviting photographs to be uploaded in this thread by the members or participants of this thread?

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    I was just thinking: What if the TEC admin comes up with a photo-related contest, maybe a creative writing contest also, which is associated with technological stuff? That would be very exciting!

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    That's indeed a wonderful idea Vandana. Since anyway there was no article writing contest this month, this can be a very interesting contest topic for the next one. and I guess it would attract many participants.

    Photos in articles have always been an issue, hope this thread will let us know more about it.

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    @ Anwesha, I would like to try for an image content beside usual text content contribution. I tried it by normal Smartphone around 15 mega pixel camera, or photos taken from normal camera, and few of those images added to some article / posts too but I still feel it is not up to the mark / quality / standard etc.

    I would like to know some more detail from the professional photographers like DSLR / other types of camera, its technique and preferred brand to buy etc. to get things done in a professional manner. It would be just learning experience for a different content altogether.

    If any photographer here, they may guide us, give some example wherein we can see the photos taken and learn various technique from them, beside asking them as many as doubts we have on this photograph field to learn.

    @ Vandana, yes, this is one of the good idea and creative one as well. Yes, we can ask WM to allow one or two unique and own copyright photos to post and write short article related to the topic etc.


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