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    Making a new social network in our country is NOW possible.

    I had been thinking about a social networking system in India, at first i thought its a bad idea but its not at all a matter to create such company having a lot of unconditional support from ourselves.

    We have the people to make it possible, but the idea is not being strongly implemented in peoples minds, we have the best computer scientists, also we can make a friendly and spiritual growth process to modernize the spiritual world and we can help the system.

    If our government steps ahead of making it in India, we can overcome many problems, making it in our home.

    TATA group also started a program in Hyderabad called- T-HUB whose goal is related to make in india process. Recently they released the process, just after the few days of strting the T-hub they said, "Due to the overwhelming number of applications we received, we are now full and cannot accept any more start ups." And they are also planning to make more T-Hubs in India.
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    I just wanted to make my idea clear about this. What is the necessity for the Government to get involved, it can be done by any individual, group or as you said a branded company.
    If you are talking about the money aspect, I think it is not an issue any more as there are so many ways to accumulate it nowadays, and for companies, it is just nothing.
    Our government is already unable to carry out the bare minimum responsibilities, don't burden it with more please.

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    To be frank enough, I really can't make out the exact meaning of your points. There are many startups in India that have made it to the international level.
    And the Government should have nothing to do with this. When individuals are capable of making it up, let us encourage our own entrepreneurs.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    I think to invest our resources on time on Social network why can't we go into some other which can a be worth and also with all the problems in our surroundings, we can provide a much better solution.

    T-Hub main point is to encourage startups which will provide a solution to the problem persisting and with government involved in T hub they will focus more on that and government has nothing to do with social network.

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    Tech Dancer,
    You need to be a bit more clear when you post a topic for discussion. The type of social network you mentioned of TATA is for start ups whereas from the title and general tone of the text it looks as though you are talking about social networks on the lines of Facebook or Twitter perhaps? You have also put in a reference to spirituality. All in all, frankly I am pretty confused what is the topic for discussion here.


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