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    Why is there only a "like" option for every stuff in Facebook?

    Facebook is now our integral part of life. We get to know so much about the world. There is such a big scope of building up public opinion. Things aren't just fun there. Things get serious too at times. And we all want it to be.

    Facebook can make and break. But in such a powerful social media site, there isn't any other options than just "like".

    Shouldn't there be "dislike", "concerned" "support" and other useful way of casting your vote?

    Posts of National issues, accidents, misfortune, terrorism are flooded in Facebook. How can we "like" such incidents? We cannot "ignore" and scroll down either. If we want to show our concern on that particular post, there is no other option but to "like" it. That is simply ridiculous.

    Do you share the same opinion? Or do you have any other point of view? Please share.
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    ya, I too had the same point and Mark has made it clear that they are looking forward to launching dislike button.

    But I think this can increase more outrage than doing good. Dislike will be like a negative feeling right on the face.This might be a little hard concerning these days everyone took social media and comments little personally and heavily.

    Posts like 1 like=1 respect made it more humorous in Facebook.

    But as you said support and concern button are far better than dislike.It's always 2 sides of a coin.

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    I have always thought on those lines before. Whenever there are posts on Facebook about national calamities, or a horrific incident - I just get disturbed with the likes that these posts receive. That's when I feel.the need for a dislike or disagree button.
    And also I do not think there would be any negative impact of having a dislike button. It would - in fact- enhance the reliability.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    Exactly Timmappa, nothing can be better than a true opinion than a mincing one. If people cannot frankly cast their opinion, that indicates that the site is indulging in fake activities.
    Another thing is people are posting heart rendering incidents and are asking to type Amen..I don't understand what it means. So, there should be something to protest against such activities or at least denounce them. Isn't it?

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    Facebook has been losing its authenticity. It is turning more gimmicky. I guess we have more fake accounts on Facebook than on any other social media network. People just seem to be interested in staying in limelight by whatever means they can think of. And that has given rise to the kind of meaningless posts that have been mushromming. Facebook has been turning to be more of a FAKEBOOK.
    Sorry to go off topic. But that remains to be a fact.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    Facebook is collecting human emotional data. And based on that profile, it generates advertising leads. This was first brought into the market by Google. Google captures every small action from users using Google analytics and their search queries.

    Facebook collects every response of user with status message, images and like. Share and likes increase the amount of supportive data they need to collect for understanding human interaction.

    Facebook gives people a way to stalk other people. So you can guess if the platform itself starts to stalk the users for it;s own gain.

    Most of the data science experts know how dangerous facebook or social network can be. And the type of data people share on facebook gives any random person enough idea about their personal, financial and emotional state.

    Such small data can be acquired with the likes, shares, status messages and photos. And this data in itself can be used to change social direction. For example Americans used facebook for making LGBT rights a success in 50 states in US.

    In short apart from just collecting likes for numbers sake. Everything in facebook has a place for data collection and profiling for advertisers.

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    But I didn't understand how this prevent them from including some more voting options. Rather that would help them to know more about people, which they are anyway collecting from other sources. And thus that would help them in their "so called" business too. What stops them from being and making something relevant rather than promoting insane activities.

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    I think Facebook is likely trying not to create controversy by placing the option of dislike. Perhaps they do not want issues to blow up out of proportion. On seeing dislike votes, there may be counter reactions and from a mere war of words, it may snowball into a huge issue. Nowadays, especially, the slightest comment triggers off controversies.

    The support vote I suppose would be similar to the like vote.


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    No Vandana, what I meant as "support" is, suppose a post is there where a natural calamity has struck someone badly, or someone is met with a gruesome accident, we may want to give them mental support, but we cannot "like" the post or the incident.

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    Voting options or any option for that matter needs to serve their data collection requirement. If it doesn't help them understand human profiling then adding that option is waste of their resources.

    On the topic of posts like "1 like 1 prayer" or "1 like 1 support to this person" usually help the pages or the profile to go more viral. Even if the facebook adds button like support this cause etc won't practically help them in terms of resources. So we don't see such options.

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    But isn't it true that controversies and frank opinions too go viral? And that several voting options too give out more information of people?

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    Yes viral content helps them collect more emotional responses of people. This is the reason Twitter recently released the poll option for users.

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    So, Facebook is more interested in making profits than being an agent of social change. Of course, profits do matter, but being one of the most powerful social network of the current times - they should also consider shouldering some sort of social responsibility. As Anwesha pointed out, "liking" an even that can be treated horrible or unfortunate is something that turns a person with a sound mind off.
    Live....and Let Live!

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    Yeah Timmappa, and the society seems to be more comfortable with insane activities rather than the socially responsible serious behaviors. So, there ends the matter.

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    In reality people are reacting to social networks very differently.

    For example, there is new narcissistic response with name "selfie" is being embedded into people. Earlier people used to take images only on special occasion and places. But these days selfies and pout faces and few other odd poses being circulated very normally on facebook.

    The thing is that society evolves with viral content and mass acceptability. Remember the days when people used to share written mail to each other saying "share this with 10 people if you don't want XYZ god get angry or sad". The same pattern exists on social media these days.

    Problem these days is that in the name of freedom of speech and social freedom, people don't know where to draw the line and where to step back. Facebook only amplifies unstable addictive behavior of people who lack social life and who seek attention.

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    Exactly, Mahesh - that has been the sole reason for most of the social minded people turn away from Facebook. A medium which could have been a real catalyst in bringing up a social impact with the active participation of the like minded people has been on the road to become just a meeting place of a few attention seeking individuals who need a few likes and that ends the relevance of the social media.
    Live....and Let Live!

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    I must agree to both of you Mahesh and Timmappa for the points you have raised and also the interpretation you have made.
    I too think now, that Facebook is only for the attention seeking and business minded people who want to take advantage of the social causes and nothing else.
    Today when social networking is instrumental in casting Presidential Election of a state like U.S, here we are limited to "likes" of "selfies" and encouraging the "business makers" out of the social disasters. This is really shameful.
    But anyways, this was a worthy discussion, and I really enjoyed the serious participation from all of you.

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    Guys, being a famous personality on Facebook or something like I have more friends on Facebook. Today I was requested for a survey of Facebook from the Facebook officials (no fake). They asked me several questions and some users tips to improve Facebook. But since I didn't saw this thread earlier so I haven't included this point in my comments. So I hope you guys will also find a survey on your Facebook accounts so do mention about this suggestion there and Facebook will really think upon it.

    I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have.

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    This question is regularly raised to Mark Zuckerberg. He always replies, "I am not thinking to include Dislike button, because Facebook is not for discouraging anyone.". According to me to protect people's sentiments he took a correct step. If dislike button would be there than those critics like KRK (I know he is bad) will not get even 1 like.
    These are my opinions I don't want to prove anyone wrong.

    I am currently pursuing High School and planning to pursue career in Computer. Currently, I work on one of my blog - JTech Articles.

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    Okay, so that's the predicament, then the world is fine, why to bother for the unfortunates, the people who caused it, must be right in their own ways...oh! what a relief!

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