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    Why isn't there any option to view my "sent messages"?

    It has been making me feel uncomfortable for a long time whenever I tried to see the messages that I have sent to other members. I couldn't find any link or tab to get there. Is it that I am missing out the link? Or is it really absent from the features?

    It is really important to view them to keep a record of what I have written and to whom. Sometimes even this happens that the message doesn't get posted properly, in that case I need not type it again, if I want to resend it.

    Friends please let me know about this and share your views.
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    There doesn't seem a way to find the messages you have "sent" to the fellow members. You can visit your profile and check the messages tab to find the messages that have been received by you.
    However, you can check the profile of the member to whom you have sent the message, so that you can confirm whether the message has been sent across or not.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    Thanks Timmappa for letting me know the way out. but don't you think, that shouldn't be the way, and it is infringing the privacy of a member.

    And that we really need to have a feature to view our "sent messages"?

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    Well, of course - there Is certainly a need to have an option to check out our sent and received messages. In fact, the messages tab on our profile should have the the possibility to check both sent and received messages.
    Live....and Let Live!

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    ya, am also finding it difficult to view messages and am viewing the message on Email and then replying in techulator.
    This is a hectic process and also the messages between members should be in privacy mode like only the specific member can look on to that.

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    Not only just a sent message feature, but I think it would not be a bad idea to have, additionally, a preview mode. That is, we could preview the message we are sending before actually hitting the send button. That way, we can correct any mistakes. We would even have a little time to think whether or not we really want to send the message. Moreover, the preview mode will give us a chance to know if we are sending it to the right person and not goof up!

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