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    Benefits of a landline phone at home - do you even use one?

    In today's era of technology, a large number of people are using smartphones to communicate with others either directly or through SMS or chat messages. Then there are online chat platforms via email or Facebook. Even video communication is possible. So is your landline phone a mere showpiece in your home?! Or is it that it does get used if not daily at least once or twice in a week? My query is 2-fold:
    1. Do people call you up on your landline number?
    2. Do you use the landline phone to call up people?

    Further, without going into specific personal details, who calls up generally on your landline phone? A friend? A relative? A wrong incoming call? Similarly, outgoing calls are to whom?

    Note: I am not talking about the work place, where landline phones are still used, but of the home.
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    As far as my personal experience goes, land line phones have ceased to exist in most of the homes.I have seen many of my friends and relatives disconnecting the service. If there are any households that still use it, it must be what you said - a showpiece and nothing more.
    Well, yes, maybe it is still needed for a broadband connection in some rural areas.

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    In my house landline phone is still there and we do use it. It has probably stayed there due to my father's wish to keep it even if we don't use it and also due to the fact that BSNL does not provide just broadband in my location, you have to take the combo.

    However, now even I don't want to get it removed. One good thing they have now done is that after 9 pm all calls within India made from the landline are free so that coming in quite a use. Other than that landline being on a different medium - wired - is a good backup in case something happens to the mobile tower nearby and mobile phones don't work properly. My parents live in NCR region where call drops is a frequent headache so landlines make a lot of sense.

    One last thing, we do get 100 free calls each month from landline so that's too not bad!

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    In my house it is still there. The elderly generation is more comfortable with it because of its good grip and a bigger speaker.
    I too like it for many reasons.
    First of all, it gives a feeling of stability.
    It also adds an identity to the family, and one calling at the landline is free to talk to all the members, if they have multiple receivers at home.
    The landline has a directory, so you can find out people's numbers if you do not know the latest one or have lost them.
    In landline services, they have included a service where you can come to know, who the person is, if you get a call from an unknown landline number. This feature is not present in mobiles.
    Lastly but not the least, a person using a landline cannot lie to the other person about his current location.

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    Well, Anwesha- your last point makes a lot of sense. Mobile phones have made people lie about their exact whereabouts. With landlines you can not do that - you are either present at the location, or you are not.
    In my view, the best part with BSNL landlines as of now is the recent free calls at night feature introduced by BSNL.

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    Landline phones are still useful for the broadband connections. Especially the DSL lines as T1-line and the optic fiber lines are expensive for home and small business use. In such case the landline based phone lines are still in use for the data based connection.

    Some of the government office require us to provide the bill for address proof. In such case the landlines can be used for the billing purpose. And some of the lines have some fixed bill system which can be used to just get the nominal bills. BSNL bill is often used for the address proof.

    Another benefit is for the people who can't view the mobile phone digits. For them analog phones can be really good. They can use the dialpad on the analog phones to make the call.

    Using landlines and then using the EPABX system for the offices. And this system is more cost effective compared to the mobile and the special lines.

    Small benefits like these still exist and for that reason the landlines still exists.

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    I am one of the rare breed who does not have a mobile phone at all!! My sisters do have mobile phones, but we all also make use of the landline phone very frequently. We use it to talk to friends who are based in the same city, to call up stores for home delivery, to call up Toll free numbers when we require servicing of home appliances, etc.

    Some incoming calls are a real nuisance, namely the marketing calls for insurance plans, donations to charity, subscriptions to a magazine, etc. The worst part is that such calls will invariably come in the afternoons when we are enjoying a nap. It bugs us no end!


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    Exactly Vandana! I really wonder why on earth these people don't realize that such calls are just irritants and it may result in deciding not to go for that product at all.
    They purposefully choose a time when people would be least interested to entertain them. There is also an option of "do not disturb", that indicates in plain and simple language that they ARE DISTURBING. Even programs advertise their programs saying it is Breakfree

    So aren't they aware that nobody will want a call like this? Then why do they waste time, energy and money on this?

    By the way, got really (positively) surprised to know that you don't carry a mobile phone. That's a fitting reply to this intolerable craze going on. Thumbs up.

    Coming back to the landline issue, things can be hugely improved in this device and our lives can get back to normal when mobile phones will not eat up our relationships.

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    I get bugged when my friends expect me to be on WhatsApp. They want to know why I have not got a mobile phone. I tell them they can simply call me on the landline - after all, they are staying in the same city! It beats me why they want to constantly fiddle with text messages and remain glued to a gadget all the time. The landline phone is such a nice way to communicate, to hear a voice rather than texting where you are as such not connecting in what would be considered an emotional, direct connect sort of way.

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    First in my lifetime I got to hear something which speaks my heart. Vandana, though it might be a little bit off the track from this thread, still I am at peace with myself after reading your thoughts and ways. Thank God ! I am not alone in this world without a WhatsApp number.

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    One really good thing about the landline phone is that you do not get attached to it! People get so attached to their mobile phone that they have this urge to constantly check if a message has come or if they missed a call or just generally fiddle with it. No such thing with the landline phone. It is an instrument (either in a fixed place or a cordless one) somewhere in a part of your home to which you are completely detached and does not, as such, tune you out of other things. This creates a further topic for discussion: Tuned in, tuned out

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    Landline phones are normally used for broadband connection. Government firms who provide internet services request user to get a landline connection. They use same landline cables to transmit data over users computer working as internet. Landline is nowadays headache too because of bad customer service. As per reports, BSNL lands stays offline for even 15 days after reporting to BSNL customer service center which cause people to disconnect them.

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    landline connection is very good often, and in my second native country, is what you call it? i have offers from afrinet for landlines to make my calls outwards more cheap, they is free for many hours talking. i agree with the joy joon, customers service is not making any fun for you, but the landline provides central point, i have many times where mobile is not good, it is turned off, however landline has charger always, so it is never off and rings loud. i do think not that the landlines is not just for the older generations. i believe that, if you have the highly occupied house of course, that a public phone is good, it is always where you expect, not in sofa. i believe maybe yes, mobile is very good piece of tech with its WAN connection ability, but lack of constants power may be troublesome and misplacing phone that is dead is never a good thing.

    on the hands of the other, my landline does not do the connecting to networks outside of my small house, i find that is only downfall.

    many good days komrades

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