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    Why it is showing error for anwering questions in techulator?

    I had been trying to answer few questions on techulator.

    But it went well for few questions suddenly it showing errors while I am posting the answers.

    Is this a technical fault or any? Please answer me how to solve this problem.

    Many times I tried to post answers but not happening.
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    Please note that you need to ask these questions on the functioning of Techulator on forum rather than in Ask Experts section. Now that it has been moved, let me try going through your query.

    What exactly is the error message are you getting? It would only be possible to understand your issues if we know the error message that you have been getting. If you have more than five deleted or pending responses for review, you may face automatic restrictions imposed for five days. Also check if you are trying to answer those queries which have been closed.
    I would advice you to let us know the error message.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    Hi TechDancer,

    Firstly write here specifically, in which section were you trying to post answer.

    Secondly take a screen shot and upload that file here as an attachment.

    If there's any technical faults other than what Timmappa told you, webmasters will resolve the issue.

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    I did it in

    Ask experts>post answer & earn money

    So I tried to answer few questions and it was showing error.

    Yes it might be the blocking system I think.. thanks for answering ..
    Few of my articles got rejected..

    I will try to post quality content.

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    There isnt any relation between your AE section performance and your articles getting rejected. That is why I asked you to provide us the exact error message you are getting. This will help us identify the issue.
    By the way, you have asked a couple of questions in the section, but I do not seem to see any responses being posted by you. Kindly let us know which questions are you trying to respond to and the exact error message you are getting. If possible, give us a link to the questions you are trying answer.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    Tech Dancer,
    The error is not due to the possible reason that your permission to answer AE questions has been removed (blocked as you thought). It is likely a technical glitch only. As suggested by Anwesha, the best thing to do would be to attach a screen shot of the message which appears on your screen. Use the attachment feature of the forum response provided to us.


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    may i know the purpose of this club house, i see only old data that belongs to 2013 and below history. Are there any latest clubhouse spots here so that i can be aware and use. since i had been using the computers of net centers, these are not having snapshot to post my problem.

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    Now again! Tech dancer, I would request you to please polish your language skills a little. We are at loss to understand what exactly you want to tell us. Your comments are completely unintelligible for most of us.
    If I have understood what you asked in the above question . clearly, Club House is a subsection of the forum section wherein we discuss some informal kind of things - though not entirely non-technical. You can go through the content in this particular subsection to gain an understanding of what kind of topics do we discuss in there.

    Now that leaves me with a question - what does this clubhouse has to do with your browsing at cyber cafes( if that's what is meant by your comments above), and having no snapshot option?

    Live....and Let Live!

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    There cannot be any difference or difficulty of taking snapshots from any computer in the world.

    Follow these simple steps:
    1)Go to the page where the error message you are getting, by trying to post an answer.

    2) Now press PrintScreen from the keyboard options.

    3)From the Start Menu, open MSPaint.

    4)Press Cntrl+V to paste the page.

    5)Save it in Desktop/or wherever you want.

    6)Come to this page, post a response by adding the attachment of that MS Paint file.

    That's all.

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    Tech Dancer,
    Kindly respond back in this thread to give us an update. Has your problem been resolved or not? If yes, we can lock this thread.

    Also, as pointed out in #23170, please do not put unrelated queries in a thread. Stick to the main query asked first in the thread.


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    I think I solved my problem, no need of answers, thanks for cooperating.

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    Thanks TechDancer for that update. But, please note to take care henceforth to stick to one topic per thread rather than making it a mixture of different topics which in fact defeats the very purpose of the concerned thread.
    If you have multiple queries at the same time, please create separate threads for each of them.

    Live....and Let Live!

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