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    What do you say about the freelancer websites which are building & making huge rules?

    Generally the freelancer websites are rich in their quality and making lots of rules and restrictions for any user. Middle class users are finding difficulty in using those sites. they are showing much and taking much from the user. Is it necessary for the companies to make the difference between the users with their rules?

    I see all the other companies are trying to dominate on the world by piercing others way towards theirs. They wont change for they may fall into debts. What do you think about it?

    Some companies like Techulator are providing good quality, useful contents to all users. Talking about the net neutrality system we all see there are leaders who are dominating the world wit their technology. Are there any ideas for a clear net neutrality from the big companies?

    Please mention your ideas.
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    Tech Dancer,
    I did not understand your statement that middle class users face difficulties in using certain sites. The term middle class refers to a social hierarchy and I think has got nothing to do with ability to use a website. As for rules, naturally every site will have its own rules to maintain security, discipline of joining members, etc.

    With regard to the issue of Net neutrality, well that is an endless debate!


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    Well, Tech dancer, frankly enough - I could not understand the inter relation between freelancer sites and net neutrality. As for, freelancer sites - they are bound to operate under their own specific set of rules and conditions. As long as you are capable of bidding to their published tasks and complete them successfully, there is nothing that can stop you. Where does net neutrality has any role to play in this context?
    Live....and Let Live!

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    okay, freelancer and others are okay, why in the English tests are having some questions that show hatred against our Indian tech experts and employers, I faced in many English tests this variety problem of showing their hatred on us, recently, i saw a few questions in, should they do this without any reason?

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    What kind of hatred? Can you come up with a few examples? Whenever you post any question - either in forum, or Ask Experts please come up with clear explanation of your views. Please don't take it bad, but most of your responses or posts are quite ambiguous and tend to be quite unintelligible.
    Live....and Let Live!

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    This thread author is mixed with couple of questions, as said above by one of the replied member. First one is all about Freelance project, the second one is about Net neutrality and the third one came (later reply) with English skills for some Indian Techie issue consequences.

    Freelancer: They update the rules often due to some issues between sponsor / client and the user (who accepted the project/bid) and unable to execute it on time or conflict between them in various issues including quality and payment etc.

    Net Neutrality is all about a different one and it has a big paragraphs to cover. I would request you to visit Article section of this site to get the Net Neutrality topic article (or search it) and read them completely to understand it.

    English skill for Indian Techies: Kindly give us some more references on this to explain you in a better way.


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    unfortunately I asked few questions in single one without knowing, so i got combined answers in this single question. You people cleared my doubts, and i have good impression on freelancer sites but its little risky here for me since i am a new freelancer,

    about net neutrality i had some doubts that you cleared so easily. thanks for the answers.

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    Tech Dancer,
    Since you say your doubts have been cleared, we will close this thread. However, for future reference please note that it is advisable to have queries which are not related be put in separate threads and not mixed up in one single thread. It will help us to understand better too your doubts and explain properly too.


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