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    Why does deleted content still appears under profile?

    I have observed that even after the content is deleted for some reason either on account of being rejected, or getting double posted - it continues to be under my content history. I guess, once deleted - it should be removed from the database.
    To illustrate the issue I am pointing out, let me give the example from my own profile. On checking the "My resources" tab under the articles section, it says 88 articles found. While in reality, it's just 86 including one in the draft. Two of my articles are rejected. Even the footnote reads " Read 88 articles authored by Timmappa Kamat".
    I do hope that I have made my points clear. My concern is that it feels odd to have the deleted content under your profile.
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    Well, I think it is to keep a record on the activities of the member on this site. But is it visible to other members as well? I hope not. If it is only visible to you and the webmasters it is fine, but really it is unnecessary to be displayed for public in general.

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    I am not sure whether it is visible to general members and guests. Will need to check.
    Live....and Let Live!

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    Acutally, I think it is a good to know through one's profile even posts which are deleted. It will be a reminder to us as to what was perhaps not adhering to guidelines or not up to the mark so that we do not make the same error again. Secondly, if at some future date we want to again write on the same topic, we can look back on the deleted post and learn what was not right in it. Deletions thus can also be learning lessons!

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    Just checked it out as a guest visitor. The total number of articles reads 86 as it should be. But the foot note, or the articles section footer still says "read 88 articles authored by Timmappa Kamat".
    Live....and Let Live!

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