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    Copy pasted content in Ask Experts questions

    One of the answers was deleted in Ask experts questions and the reason was Copy pasted content.

    How to turn a smartphone's WiFi into a router for a computer? --- this was the Question and Another question is of Net neutrality.

    In Both the questions, the reason was copied content. So I have a doubt related to the rules regarding answer Ask experts questions.

    Without copying, how can someone Answer Questions, unless they are expert in that field? For example in Net neutrality Question, Question was what is net neutrality and, of course, every one knows the answer and the same answer will be in Wikipedia.

    Finally what I understood is We can copy content but shouldn't post the same sentences and lines. we should write in our own words, like converting Active to Passive Voice. So, I need clarity in that.

    One more tip, keep restriction in Ask experts questions. Raise the standard. Some of the questions are so simple that can be found in Google rather than posting in techulator ( like definitions related stuff ).

    So someone provides me with some clarity and remove my confusion and ambiguity
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    All your Ask Experts responses have been copied from external sites as it is. You have not even bothered to understand the concept and have copied the content and pasted it here.
    In one of the questions on Web hosting services you have practically left with no meaning. You have copied the symbols also. You have mentioned " I have used it...." which again is straight copy. How can you say you have used it without having used it?
    There is a big difference between copy pasting and borrowing the idea. You seem to have mixed them both.
    As for the seemingly silly questions, please note that it is these sort of questions that fetch traffic.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    Ok, thanks for Clarifying my Doubts Timmappa Kamat . Webmasters may close this thread

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    @ pranay, I think you don't know about copyright issue and DMCA issue etc. however, except some general keywords like Smartphone, Google, technology etc. etc., one shall not copy ditto sentence, paragraph and whole article etc. and paste somewhere in online source or webpage. If you do so, then you or that blog or website may face copyright issue from original author or Google etc. which copied person get penalized and duplicate content may be removed soon with blacklisted to author / site.

    Regarding Ask Expert section, that section is meant for 'Expert' only to answer in case if they know the subject answer rightly and type with their with own words / sentence / paragraph etc. without any duplicate content.

    Yes, you either may get the same question or answer online / site but it may not be sufficient to get the detail by the visitor or who wants to know it further, thus, one can ask question with more detail to know and solve the issue than already less info available somewhere on webpage.


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    Thanks for that Hafeezur. Actually I don't know about that and I thought that will be related only to website and not to forums, as forums mostly has spun content .

    This is best experience for me and given me a sufficient knowledge on how to carry on and take on these sections and thanks for your in sights

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    It is applied to each and every webpages whether it is Forum section or any other sections. Duplicate content has to be removed anywhere though sometime skipped to check, or unable to know on time whether copied and posted by the member with or without their knowledge. However, many such duplicate or copied contents are observed and deleted too from this site.

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    Ya, that would be a lot better, before Google panda woke up and it will also help to maintain quality. Thanks for clarifying my doubts Hafeezur

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    Good to see you have understood the concept, Pranay. I would request you to kindly pay attention to the points that have been made clear to you.
    Any content published on any webpage becomes the property of the concerned website. As such, reproduction of such content from the site is deemed to be plagiarism and such an act would/may result in blacklisting of the website.
    Hope to see continued contribution from your side.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    Thanks for the motivation Timmappa, just little carried away with that. Mistakes are the Best teacher. So this will help me a lot and will Provide much more contribution to this Site.

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