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    Can any country create new companies?

    Rich countries have all treasure of knowledge that can build anything so easily. Can the rich countries create competitive companies based on search engines, social networking systems and browsers and software? We have been watching the domination of certain companies that are vast and powerful. Rich countries can create, but is this possible? Can the trend be motivated?

    (below matter is added rescently)
    Clearly we can see that Google, facebook and many companies are having a grip on our country and other small countries. This grip is a little more like domination on us without knowing. So can we create in India with equal technology standards and levels and productive companies in our countries. And we may also involve small countries and encourage them by making the small countries as a friendly partners. Can this be possible by our people? S
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    TechDancer, could you please be a little more clear about the topic of this thread? I did not understand what are views you mean to express.

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    I am already clear ... Added few terms newly. Answer please.

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    Still you are not clear inwhat you want to point out. Please explain in detail.
    Live....and Let Live!

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