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    What is the significance of Badges in Techulator?

    While browsing the site, I came across these Badges awarded to a number of members. I am not clear with the concept, what exactly it is all about. I am just curious to know, whether Badges are given to the members for any particular achievement.

    I have also seen, that members are nominated for Badges and depending upon the level of Membership, one can go on nominating for badges. One can nominate one's own name as well.

    Is there any particular criteria for earning these badges? Are Badge Winning members get any more benefit from this site? And on what basis one can nominate his/her own name for this?
    Hope Friends here will explain and make me aware of this feature.
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    As long as my knowledge of the site goes, the badges awarded based on your level of performance in each of the section. It is also dependent on how you understand the site. Members usually nominate other members for the badges and webmasters take a decision on whom to award the badges.

    Badges carry their own significance based on what area they cover.
    A Feature Expert badge is given to those members who understand the sections and features of the site and are willing to share their knowledge with fellow members.
    A Policy Expert is the one who has a clear understanding of the rules and policies of the site.
    A Proficient Author is a badge awarded to those members who have excellent writing skills and have contributed great articles.
    A Product Specialist is a badge who shares a wide range of reviews on topics on hardware and software.
    These are just a couple of examples. Webmasters can add more to the list, or discontinue some of them.
    Essentially, badges are meant to be a motivational awards to the deserving members aimed at motivating them. They do not carry any cash benefits of any sort.

    As for nominating any member for badges, it should be completely your own decision. You may nominate any member for a particular badge.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    It is basically a matter of great pride to receive a badge though it does not have a monetary value. I remember during school days how proud it was for a student to get the Monitor badge or a House Captain badge. Similarly, getting a badge at TEC would be really something to be proud of. After all, it reflects the appreciation of the admin. for one's contributions towards the site, be it actual submissions or even just giving guidance through the forum.

    Regarding the criteria: there would naturally be some parameters which the Webmasters have kept in mind for each specific badge & accordingly instructed the Badge editors to use those parameters when awarding the badge. General members may just nominate somebody for the heck of it or because the member is a buddy, but eventually the decision rests on the Badge Editors & Webmasters.

    I never approve of self-nomination though. Earn the badge in the right manner, don't push for it through a self-nomination is my view.


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    Thank you Timmappa and Vandana for explaining me the feature. I was assimilating something similar.

    Regarding self nomination even I have the same view Vandana. Its like gifting myself a birthday card, just like Mr. Bean does.

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    The badge allotted and approved by the Web admin shows that the contribution and expertise level of that member. Though there is no monetary benefit from this badge but it helps in many ways and it also helps other to connect the expertise to get some relevant help out of it.

    The quality contribution and his/her proficient reflects over here which could be of help to him/her in a direct or indirect way.


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    Is there any fixed criteria, like points or membership level, crossing which the member is awarded a badge? And is there any editor who selects the deserving candidate for awarding a badge?

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    There should be no conditions of points or member level as far as my knowledge goes. Badges are awarded as per the decisions taken by the webmasters and the badge editors.
    As I said before, there are certain editors who are given the responsibility of awarding the badges to the members. Also please note that the badges are not awarded based solely on the nominations. Which means it is not necessary that a member with most nominations will get the badge.
    Hope it clears all the doubts now.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    Few parameters has to be fulfilled by the members to get the badges.

    For example, you or any new member helps on other's query perfectly in the Forum then you may get at least 'Guide ' badge.


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    Does it happen automatically? Like will the names appear automatically to the concerned editors to choose for the award?

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    No automatic process. WM/Editors's observation, suggestion and recommendation for the member to allot / remove it (badge) at anytime.

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    Can a member nominate another member for a badge? There is such a feature at ISC, wherein general members can nominate other members (and nominate an editor too) through the nominate badge feature at the member's profile page. Is there such a feature here at Techulator?

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