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    What is the meaning of .PDF?

    What is the meaning of .PDF?
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    PDF is an abbreviation for Portable Document Format.
    It is a file format (like other file formats .txt, .jpg) by Adobe systems.

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    Hello Brajamohan panda

    PDF Stand for: Portable Document Format, a file format developed by Adobe Systems. PDF captures formatting information from a variety of desktop publishing application, smaking it possible to send formatted documents and have them appear on the recipient's monitor or printer as they were intended.



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    Hi brajmohan,

    .pdf is an extension of pdf(portable document file) files. These type of document files can be read by some special type of softwares like Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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    Hello Brajamohan,

    .PDF stands for Portable Document Format. This file format was created in 1993 by the Adobe Systems.

    As the name Portable Document Format suggests, this was mainly created for the purpose of electronic exchange of documents.

    Starting from 1993 till date there are a total of nine versions of PDF releases. The latest version is PDF 1.7 that has been released with Acrobat 9.1.

    The best feature of .pdf files is that they can be encrypted or digitally signed which makes them highly secure while transferring between networks.


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    Adobe Systems first introduced PDF in 1993.
    PDF stands for "portable document format".

    PDF file format is used to Share the documents between computers and across operating system platforms.

    You can your own PDF files using many Pdf creating softwares.
    Now, Microsoft Office 2007 also has option to document as the PDF format.

    you can read the PDF files with many PDF reading softwares.

    Adobe also has its own PDF reading and creating software Adobe reader which is the smart one to read the PDF files.

    Tech News and more...

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    PDF (Portable Document File) is a file format from Adobe Systems. Microsoft files for word document is doc, docx likewise adobe defined their own file format which can be created from adobe professional version. Using adobe acrobat reader you can read the pdf file but you can't make any changes to the file. It is mainly used for exchanging or the sharing the information. You can encrypt the pdf files, you can do digital signature which is very useful in this internet world.

    The latest version is adobe is Adobe acrobat reader 9.3

    D.Jeya Kumar(JK)

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    Is the special file format which doesn't support the window products as this is the format developed by the Adobe company which is particularly used by the adobe company in his adobe products.

    so, it is beneficial for the Adobe products only as the level of compatibility with the Microsoft products is less.

    Chirag Sachdeva

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    PDF full form is Portable Document Format which is a file format created by Adobe Systems for document exchange.

    For more details follow this link:

    Best of luck

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    Hello BrajMohan Panda,
    PDF is a short form of Portable Document format which is a file format of Adobe systems. The main advantage of creating a PDF file is that it is portable over many operating systems. The PDF files can be read in a computer having any operating system. For example a PDF file can be read in Windows and also in Linux operating systems. The name itself indicates that the format is portable. We cannot read a file created by Microsoft Office in Linux operating system, but a file created in PDF format can be read in any operating system. That is the advantage of PDF.


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