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    This is my feedback i am happy with this site and today my first day on site

    Sir you are great i like this is one of most useful way to find out any problems solutions and i decided to invite my all of friends to join it
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    Well, first of all - a warm welcome to Techulator, India's best and reliable revenue sharing network. Besides being able to get your problems solved, you can also be an active contributor here. I would wish to inform you, and all your friends who join the site- to come up with your contribution, be in the form of articles, questions or responses to the queries posted.
    I'm sure you have understood the site quite well by now, yet let me point out a few potentials of the site here.
    You can be a good contributor here in more than one ways -

    1. Post any technical questions you may have in the Ask Experts section. You will get paid if your question is approved. You may also post your responses to the already approved questions. Be sure not to copy paste any content from other sites. Also links to external sites is not allowed.

    2. Post articles on technological topics. You may go through the approved articles to get an idea on the type of articles we would accept. Take care of your language. Proper English with correct punctuations is a must in all sections. Copying content from other sources is not allowed. Come up with articles in your own words. You may post responses to the already submitted resources.

    3. If you have a Google AdSense account, you can associate it with your Techulator account to be eligible for AdSense revenue share. Please note that you need a regular AdSense account, hosted accounts will not be accepted.

    4. Feel free to communicate with the fellow members through the forum section. You can come up with any idea you feel like sharing with the other members would be welcome in the forum.

    Happy stay on Techulator. Hope to see you frequently here.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    Welcome Shariq to our Techulator family. You must have gone through the first response of Timmappa and known the basic information about this site.

    But now comes another important thing. Before you start posting, you need to go through your posts and have a check whether there is any grammatical mistake, as those mistakes will lead either to deletion or to the pending status, and this might discourage you in the initial days.

    As none of us want that to happen, and we all want to encourage your writing spirit, I hope you would consider this just as a friendly suggestion.

    All the best and don't give up till you get the green signal on.

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    Thank you for advice i will do my best for telhulator

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    Can i try hindi i am weak in english i can only under stand english

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    No shariq, Hindi isn't included in our site yet. It has to be English. What you can do is follow our site for a few days, get the trend, and start off. You can also try our Ask Expert section by posting questions. There you need not write lengthy sentences. By posting a question, you earn a small amount yes, but if your questions get a traffic of 100 visits, you would be rewarded Rs.100.

    You can also try posting responses to articles that interest you. There a bit of informal english will do, but it has to be a correct one.

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    You can't post In any other language than English on this site. You can improve efficiency your English by noticing the other contributions on this site.
    Or as Anwesha pointed out, post queries in the Ask Experts section. By the way you need to get 1000 views for your questions in order to get Rs. 100 bonus cash credits.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    But i was post a question about my computer that i saw in my friend's computer when he start the pc the pc say welcome sundeep kumar can i do this on my pc but my question has rejected i want to reason help me

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    The question has not been rejected. You seem to have multiple copies of the same question. The multiple query has been deleted. The original question still needs to be reviewed. It will be reviewed soon.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    Glad to know you loved our site from Day1! We are happy too to see your enthusiasm. I would suggest that since you say you are weak in English writing skills, you should be active in the forum. Submit some interesting topics for discussion with members and give responses to current forum threads which are active & open. When submitting a thread or a response, take care to use the correct format of words. For example, you should always write 'I' in a capital letter and not as 'i' in small case. Similarly, the word English begins with an 'E' and not 'e'. Then there is the correct usage of punctuation - end a sentence with a period (full stop) and use a comma punctuation where required. If you end a sentence, then the first letter of the next sentence should begin with a capital letter.

    Thus, if you keep in mind such simple grammar rules, you can develop English writing skills automatically. Also, I would advise you to read the newspaper daily. You can read simple sports articles and see how sentences are written. Keep a dictionary handy and make it your best friend - look it up each time you do not understand the meaning of a word. That way, you will start developing your vocabulary too.

    Wishing you all the best in your endeavours to improve English.


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