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    Blogging - starter to pro

    First of all, to have a clear understanding let us discuss about the topic and let us bring more answers. Let there be a opinion based starting.

    In the blogging world there are extremists and moderates, we face them in our daily life of blogging. Know who you are first.

    Start a blog based on your oun talents and your personal interests first. And understand the people and calculate the time and content you spent in front of your computer.

    Learn from different bloggers. Read the quality life styles who came from poor or struggled backgrounds. I am suggesting to read the life histories of people who became successful. To become successful you should continuously motivate yourself.

    Learn the politics of word just by blogging and be natural. Yes, most successful bloggers are rich in communicating like a pro, they learned by reading minds of others.

    Try to keep communicating with people as much as you can and do not neglect your doubts. Ask everything you want to know from the blogger. In that way you can create a flow in life. I will say about money after two or three paras.

    Post your past content modified as new one that may increase your own quality of writing. Help other bloggers, teaching is a good habbit right.

    Don't keep earning as a goal that may destroy your ideas, keep the goal of service, you are serving the people some content that is motivating, important, inspiring and healthy.

    However, money is our food, we have to follow some rules and restrictions about eating money. If you eat too much you become fat. Learn philanthrophy and do social service to keep a healthy life on blogging.

    We can earn money easily but the problem is how much time we spend for creating that content. To become a pro one should follow his own rules. Create restrictions to those things that lure you.

    Become rich and powerful.
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    Please explain what you want to tell us in simpler and clearer language. Your ambiguous language style has been a hindrance to understand your views in most of your contents.
    Live....and Let Live!

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    I think what TechDance is trying to say, that in this thread, we pour in all our knowledge and opinion about blogging with as much clear details as possible.

    And any good discussion is a matter of enjoyment, so it is expected that we would have a lot of fun, am I right TechDance?

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    I read from one of the well known blogger's comment is that, "Run when you can, walk if you have to, crawl if you must, just never give up" for blogging.

    You create, publish and exist :)


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    My concept regarding blogging and its relationship with Affiliate Programs is not very clear. Though I have accounts in a couple of different Affiliate Programs, I don't understand a few things.

    Like, in sites like Hubpages, where you get paid only if someone buys stuff from your ad links, they don't allow you to post product reviews in terms of promoting it.
    Now if a I talk "bad" about a product and write a "good" review, why on earth will people buy that stuff and how do I convince them to buy it? And then how am I supposed to earn from that site?

    I tried to ask this in that site itself but people are coming up with irrelevant answers. Friends, if you know the trick, please share your knowledge.

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    As per my opinion, there are three types of Bloggers in general which are as follows;

    The first one is just writing or blogging without any commercial ad (AdSense or Infolinks etc.) purpose but they are participating in the contests, like prompt or story writing etc.

    The second one is, they write or blog just for time pass or sharing info with their own friends circle as their personal diary than online revenue motivation.

    The third one is blogging for sharing the knowledge and showing the commercial ad on their blog for revenue generation beside.

    Regarding affiliate program, it is completely depend on individual blogger's choice whether to associate with them or not for their product and write for them or not. If you don't like any product then just ignore about it for review instead of writing 50% or 75% and above bad reviews. May be other likes it and write a good review for the same product as they may find it worth. For example, any Alcohol product which some may like it and some not.


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    i am new here... wish you happy diwali..

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    Happy Diwali TechDance and every buddy here.

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