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    What is the meaning of 'Windows'?

    What is the meaning of 'Windows'?Why microsoft chooses this name?
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    Hello Brajamohan,

    "Windows is a personal computer operating system from Microsoft" that, some user commonly used business applications such as Microsoft Word and Excel, has become a de facto "standard" for individual users in most corporations as well as in most homes



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    the full source of above content is here ...,,sid68_gci835121,00.html


    I am not owner of the above content, It stolen from someone ..

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    Microsoft Founder Mr. Bill gates Only about ,Why he chose the Name 'Windows' for his Operating System.

    Windows NT (New Technology) is a 32-bit operating system.

    There are actually two versions of Windows NT:

    1.Windows NT Server

    Windows NT Server is designed to act as a server in networks.

    2.Windows NT Workstation

    Windows NT Workstation is used for stand-alone or client workstations.

    Tech News and more...

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    Windows as in why it was named so was to emulate the phrase
    "Your Windows to the world"
    Microsoft wanted its OS to be best when it first launched windows 1.0 in 1985.It want to defeat mac os and want to make its browser IE best in the world and so on....

    So in the future Billgates dreamed, he wanted windows to be the only way which most people can access the awesome computer world.Which btw came true i must say.

    ps:- This reply is just the impression of BillGates interview in 1991

    -Rakesh Reddy

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    As we know that the feature of the window which we use in the general life, it offers so much transparent visibility to the user, in the same way the Microsoft window uses the same kind of transmittance in his product, as whatever we see on the computer is because of Microsoft product that is window and the visibility is so strong that with the one look at his theme anyone can tell you which product is this?

    It has strong features which are so pure and transparent to use and that why inspired with this title that is "Window".

    Chirag Sachdeva

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    Hello Brajamohan,

    Windows actually is Microsoft Windows which is an operating software. Go through this link.You will understand the meaning very well.

    Best of luck

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    Hi everybody,
    Thanks for discussing.but i want to know why Microsoft choose windows name?

    Dreams never dye

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