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    Why is there a restricted access in Product Review section

    When I tried to contribute in the Product Review section, it is said that there is no access for the common members to post articles in Product Review section. I am also unaware, why the names of the writers do not appear in the index page and even in the articles. Why is the Product Review section been separated from the other sections and where can I get more information on this?
    I have searched quite extensively but yet couldn't find any clue to these questions.
    I think all other members would be knowing about it except me, so eagerly waiting for the mystery to be unveiled.
    Also want to know, how articles posted there differ from the general articles section as we also write product reviews there.
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    Products section happens to be one of the important sections of the site. General members have no access to contribute here. You may request for the access via private message or through the forum. Whether or not to provide you access is the decision to be solely taken by the webmasters.

    For contributing in the products section, you need to be well aware of the product specifications. It is just like mini article.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    Now that you have established yourself as a regular contributor with good quality posts, you can definitely get access to the products review section.

    How it differs from writing an article review: The text for the product review section will be of fewer paragraphs and will be a general insight into its features. As such, you are not writing about its negative aspects if any, but merely mentioning its various aspects. Also, there are attributes we need to fill in. That is, specific details like OS, whether or not dual SIM, type of battery, colours available, etc. These all need to be filled in the boxes provided. In an article, on the other hand, you would be writing an extremely detailed review, highlighting both the good and bad aspects of the product, perhaps comparing it with some other products.

    Also, in the case of the product review section, you would be submitting about 2-3 general photos from the official website, such as its look from the front, rear and side, whereas in an article you are more likely to customize it in some manner to showcase specific unique features.

    Note that I am responding here even though this thread is an old one as I was out of town earlier. If you still need access to the product review section, let me know & I will inform the Webmasters. You can also have a look at some of my posts in the products review section to get an idea of how to submit there and if you need further guidance let me know. I will be happy to help!


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    Anwesha, I would advice you to get in touch with Tony sir through private message if you really wish to post content in the product review section. He will decide on whether or not to grant you permission for the section.

    Given the quality of your content, you should be able to get permission for the same.

    Good luck.

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    ya, its been some confusing rules here in techulator and also some of them lack in giving quality information about the things.

    For product review section, specific criteria should be maintained like available to only Diamond members, similar kind of things. It will give a professional look .

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    @Pranay, I beg to differ from your views. A diamond (or for that matter - a gold) member need not be the best contributor on this site. The member level is reached based on the number of points you accumulated over an extended period of time. A quality contributor may come up with quite less number of content and thus may have reached only up to silver level or so. Or say upto Gold level. That does not mean the member is not worth to get permission to the product reviews section.
    The general rule followed at Techulator for granting permission to the product section is based on the quality of your content.
    Also, let me take note of your concern that there are lack of rules and their proper information. As far as our knowledge goes, we do inform our members about rules, and/or changes to them via the forum here. If you are really in need of any clarification, you may contact any of the concerned editors or webmasters via private message , or through a forum thread.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    @timmappa, I got that view after seeing what's going in techulator and how it works. As you said a Quality member with less number of points.

    For example, you have been contributing heavily and you're a Diamond member and if a random guy comes and Post quality content as you said but 1 for a month. He can't be a Good contributor, I think that's the reason for this points and membership levels.

    Ok, lets leave here as it is deviating from the topic and everyone has there own views.

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    Thank you for showing interest to submit product information. I've given you the necessary posting rights.

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    Thank you so much Sir, I am really feeling honoured. Thanks goes to all friends here especially Vandana for participating in the discussion and clearing my doubts.

    I request the webmaster to lock this thread as the issue has been positively resolved.

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