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    A Query regarding the Forum Section

    I have seen that unlike other sections, the Forum section posts are given points instantly and most probably automatically.

    But Forum is a place which doesn't consist of any information in that sense which might be attracting viewers to the site, but forum winners do win awards in terms of cash.
    This means Techulator pays for those posts which might not be of any interest for external readers or viewers, but which is important to keep the site up and running and that works almost like a bloodstream of the site.

    I have also observed that controversy, arguments, and even deletion of posts are quite frequent in our Forum section. I just wonder how the editing work takes place here. Is it regularly done like other sections, or is it done only when some stirring event comes up?
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    Well, the forum section is not reviewed like other sections regularly. In other words, we do not have a strict moderation policy for the forum section.
    Of course, there are editors who are assigned the responsibility of taking care of forum section. However, they indulge into any kind of moderation only when some sort of controversy errupts (like you pointed out) or in cases of irrelevant and unsavoury comments. Editors also have a role to play in the deletion of spam threads or responses which come up once in a while.

    Hope that clears your doubts.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    As a forum editor, Iet me tell you that I do try to keep a regular check as much as possible when my work schedule permits. In fact, the forum is the first section I check out before doing editing tasks elsewhere. It is essential for a forum editor to deal with requests, problems & complaints, make note of suggestions and also welcome new members, forwarding anything that requires attention by the Webmasters to them right way.

    I do not think, though, that the forum is totally devoid of the attention of visitors. They may just come across some interesting discussion and be induced to register as a member!


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    No Vandana, that was not I was trying to say. I know how much editors work on this, whenever any issue comes up. Even sites like Hubpages are not responsive like Techulator.

    What my query was, that whenever one posts in forum section, the posts get immediately approved and points get allotted automatically. But in other section the points for each post is given after it gets approved, and this approval is not automatic. So I just wanted to know, what is the reason behind this difference.

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    As I said before, the forum section is not moderated in a strict manner. It does not mean, however, that we employ any lenient manner in letting members post whatever they wish to.
    Live....and Let Live!

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    That is what exactly my query is all about, Timmappa. And the focus of the question is "Why"?

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    The forum is an open, fun platform to express views and hence the posts get points as per an automated system and does not really require approved status at all. It is not like as though some descriptive text needs to be edited like we do for an article or an Ask Expert post. Nor is it required for an editor to make changes to the title or add a summary (though English may be corrected by a forum editor) for SEO reasons. Basically, no excessive policing of the forum takes place.


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    Yeah, I got it Vandana. In normal cases, this issue wouldn't have bothered me either, but for last few months, I noticed some controversies cropping up.

    Moreover, as cash credit is involved, I was wondering why things are not the same here. But anyways, its fine to have a different section, and a site might have its own policies.

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    Well, I would not support a strong sort of moderation for the forum section. Forum is meant to be an informal meeting place for all the members to have a casual discussion - not strictly in line with the other sections. It also helps as a grooming ground for the better contributors.
    In fact, I would treat it as the life line of the site. Though, cash credits are involved in the section, it should be noted that not all posts get cash credits. It is just minuscule fraction of the total forum contribution that get cash credits. As such, it should not matter much, right?

    Live....and Let Live!

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