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    Why are youngsters obsessed about being in an online group?

    Today there was an article in the newspaper about how youngsters, even school-going children, are addicted to being part of a peer group online. They feel totally devastated if somebody blocks them out from a WhatsApp or Facebook group and often go through huge emotional angst and perhaps even teeter on the edge of psychological problems. Before the age of all things tech and newfangled online groups, there was simply the real life group of friends. We quarreled, perhaps did not talk for a while, maybe left out somebody from a group game, but eventually did make up and were friends again. We did feel hurt, but generally it used to be just something temporary. Today, it is a far different problem with deeper emotional hurt I feel that youngsters just don't seem to be able to overcome or be able to deal with.
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    Today's generation appears to be taking it too seriously. Not only with respect to the blockage from social.groups or WhatsApp, they can't accept failure in any field. This has given rise to even suicidal tendencies.
    This could have more to do with the way the younger generation has been moving away from the concept of family. Parents have no time to share with their offspring. The outer world becomes their extended family and rejection there causes tensions and subsequent emotional outbreaks.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    Youngsters are obsessed with online groups because offline groups are often too choosy. And many people feel left alone if they are not in them. Same is the case with the online groups. As we are moving away from real life communication, the places like facebook and other online groups are more close to us. And this is because of the side effects of being more relying on the tech gadgets.

    Some of the side effects are : People confess more on facebook than in real life. People feel more jealous by looking at the image on facebook than in real life. We feel we didn't travelled much world by looking at the images of people online. And when we actually go to those places we are not happy because we did it just like others not because we wanted it.

    Taking selfie with each person and every place goes to show that people want to have memories which they can go through during off hours. They don't want to create memories but more into capturing them in which they are not much being active but staying passive.

    This is not the problem of new generation, even people in 20s, 30s, 40s and 50s are falling for this.

    Information overload and change in society that demands more face time and bragging that has leads to such changes.

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    Yes, indeed! The reliance on virtual world has been creating an emptyness in our practical life. We have just been moving away , or rather running away from the realities of life. Increased dependence, and addiction to the virtual contact has been playing with our social fabric.
    I have seen it happening with my friends- they do not communicate one to one - but only via WhatsApp! That's the tragedy.
    As rightly said by Mahesh, increased exposure to gadgets and technology and the information overload have singlehandedly been responsible for what has been being observed.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    The online world is into existence because of people who were scared off from the real life. These people know this fact very well in the depth of their conscious or unconscious mind.

    Now a rejection from the online world makes them feel insecure even more than before, as they start thinking that doors are getting closed to them one by one.

    This is a problem of identity crisis which gets enlarged because the number of people with this problem is increasing. and this is happening because of our unconcerned attitude.

    Such things used to happen even before, when internet was not present, but now the issue has taken a gigantic shape because of the media and we all are getting the news too often, because for everything number does matter.

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