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    Confused about categories in Club House forum type

    In the forum type of 'Club House', there is 'Club House Discussion', 'Club House Stuffs' and 'General' categories. I was wondering why there are these 3 categories. I generally put my posts in the first one, namely Club House Discussion, to elicit good discussions from members on the topic which I wish to discuss about. However, I was just thinking: perhaps it could fit into any of the other 2 categories as well don't you think? So does any member know what really is the difference between these 3 categories? Can you give some examples as to what exactly would be ideal to post in each of these categories?
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    Really that is one thing even I was confused about. I think we need to re-think about the categories and give them appropriate headings.
    They can be:

    Club House_Introduction

    Club House-Debates

    Club House-Queries

    Do you agree?

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