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    Do you like the idea of using over-sized devices?

    Nowadays I see quite a few people using smartphones which are quite large, some functioning as a smartphone-cum-mini tablet. When they put it up to their ear to talk, though, it looks really, really weird! Another time when I was waiting at a pedestrian crossing, I saw a gadget strapped to the wrist of a bike rider. It looked like a smartphone connected wearable device. Maybe it was comfortable for him, but I could not help staring at it as it was lengthwise and width wise covering quite a good bit of the upper side of his hand. Decidedly odd looking I must say.

    Why do people buy such over-sized devices? Is it really because they found it really functional and better than some other gadget? Or is it merely to show off since the larger the better - it will grab eyeballs quickly and show their so-called 'status' in life!!
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    Well, my opinion says it is just a show off to put your 'status" on public display. Larger devices do not really possess anything much important than the regular sized ones in terms of functionality.
    The manufacturers tend to cash in the feel of status symbol and make the devices appear as if they are most important gadgets to own through their flashy advertisements. The differences they make us breve that their device has mean nothing in a practical world. Would you be able make the difference between a 500 ppi pixel density and 425 ppi? I guess no. Then is there any need for opting for the other device by paying a couple of thousands more?

    Live....and Let Live!

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    I agree with Timmappa, now everywhere we are surrounded by "attention-seeking-behaviours". For myself, I feel so funny to carry such an over sized device. And my point is, if a device cannot make me feel comfortable outdoors, why should I buy it?

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    @Anwesha It only happens in India. People are more concerned about their status and showing off rather than understanding functionality of that particular device. Smartphones were made looking at everyday usage of a regular person, this was a very initiative step took by manufacturers such as Apple, etc. After a great revolution by smartphones, tech giants launched tablets. Tablets were helpful to people who loves to use their smartphones as entertainment purpose. They started coming with much larger screen than smartphone, whereas performance was low as compared to smartphones. Same happened with Tablet, it was also a great revolution as it was used by kids, student and even businessmen to work on their presentation.

    Most of the tablets were not compatible to SIM functionality due to which travellers, etc. were facing issues. To solve this thing manufacturer launched phablets. Phablets are normally smartphones with display size of more than 5-inch. These were not developed for replacing smartphones (most people thinks they were), they were developed for tablet lovers who were thinking to get SIM functionality and for them who were feeling uncomfortable to handle those big size tablet screens.

    People should use devices for the purpose they are made for not for showing. Holding any device near your ear doesn't makes you big. Your achievements make your big.

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