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    Attention members - Techulator has a slight change in the layout

    Techulator has undergone a slight change in its layout. Members are requested to take note of the same.
    Some of the changes are -

    1. Ask Experts is now a part of the Forum tab.

    2. Articles tab now has more subsections to choose from.

    3. The Hot Topics section has been merged with the Articles tab.

    I am sharing this info for the benefit of the members who may get confused with the disappearance of a couple of their favourite tabs/ sections.

    Keep contributing!
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    Thanks a lot Timmappa Kamat for informing us about this. The layout has been more great know. But I would like to ask our Tony sir is there any other use of making the change in the layout as I could not see much change now as comparison to the previous layout of our site - Techulator. Also this could not be open in some browsers like Opera Mini in smartphone. I would say that before the previous layout of our site was the best seen by me. As we could access our site from our smartphone to using the Opera browser. Though the layout is still good and I like it.

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    Yes, I saw the changes just now as soon as I opened the site. I also noticed that this thread appears under 'Tips'!

    I would like to suggest to the Webmasters to restore the Ask Experts section to its own individual Tab. It is not only useful for us members to find quicker, but also will get the attention of visitors right away. Let's say I am a visitor. When I simply look at the top, I am more likely to click on the tabs there then on sub-tabs. If I see 'Ask Experts' separately, it will rouse my curiosity to check it out right away - what is this section? - and realize that I can post my questions here & get free guidance. Thus, I would first be registering as a member. Then, having registered, I would likely be keen to contribute too!

    I can't fathom the reason for pushing the Ask Expert to a sub-section under the Forum tab. After all, the Ask Expert section is having value in its own individual way as mentioned above.


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    I guess, I should agree with Vandana. The Ask Experts section will be better off with its individual existence rather than being a sub section of forum. I didn't think from the point of view of a visitor.

    Just hope webmasters will give it a thought.

    Live....and Let Live!

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