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    Buying/selling via OLX or Quickr - is it worth it?

    Both OLX and Quickr have built a niche for themselves. They have been vouching for their authenticity through television ads. Is the experience with them really worth the hype?
    I have so far not bought anything from these sites, however, put a couple of ads for selling something. The ads did not seem to garner much attention though.

    I wish our members can share their experiences with these sites here. Good or bad - your experiences could be helpful with a few tips for the first time users.
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    As per my far experience regrading buying or selling things online I will completely say no for wasting time in this. In case of buying things from site likes - OLX or Quickr we mostly get poor quality products and people get manipulated by the sellers. Also the sellers are not official and we don't know them. I would like to share my experience here - I once bought a electronic product from olx once considering the price was low and the quality was shown nice. But it does not even worked well for like 1-2 weeks. In such a short period of time it got in bad condition (non-working) and my money was wasted. I really felt annoyed that time as that money was spared hardly by me. And from that day I put "NO" to buying second hand things. I never ever purchased any second hand product after that and I am sure I will not even do even if everything is fine.

    And in case of selling any product online on such sites, we does not get any customer for too long time and we get irritated. And by the time we get any other method to sell that thing.


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    Ads are merely marketing strategies and one must not get carried away by the hype. I have not personally bought any second hand goods, online or offline. I always prefer to buy something in mint new condition, not used by anybody else. If at all, despite being new, it turns out there is something wrong with it, at least I do have the option of trying to get it fixed or replaced too under the after sales service policy / warranty. In the case of second hand stuff, I would lose out for sure. So I would not mind paying a higher price for something new as opposed to losing my money on something used.

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    No, I am talking about the kind of items like your old furniture, or the kind of stuff you normally plan to sell off just to clean up the space it does take and make some money from it.
    Like a TV cabinet I had. I did put the ad on OLX and Quickr, got a couple of calls - but nothing materialised. Later, sold it to a local guy.
    I am asking about the buying/ selling experience of such items.

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    I have sold one functioning laptop on OLX. The deal went smoothly and there wasn't any issue with the way sale was made. I also collected ID doc of the buyer and also gave him invoice for the sale. Apart from that sale, I sold Ipad first generation on Quikr. The transaction was quick and considering the state of my ipad the price was good too.

    So i think it depends on the object being sold in these marketplace. You have to be however cautious what type of items are being sold.

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    I want to share this news I read in the paper about a week ago related to how one must take care when selling via an online site something to a prospective buyer:
    Mr.X advertised on one of the sites to sell his bike. Mr.Y contacted him and said he was interested in the offer and would like to see the bike. So Mr.X arranged for meeting Mr.Y at a fixed place & time. Mr.Y came, looked at the bike and said he would like to test it. Mr. X gave him the keys, Mr.Y hopped on and started the bike, then coolly drove off with it!! Mr. X was left totally aghast and helpless as he was obviously unable to catch up with the thief on foot. He did not get any money for the bike either.

    Hence, it is advisable not to hand over keys/products just like that, with so much trust in a total stranger.


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    Vandana, that was sure a fault on the part of the seller. You cannot blame the ser ice provider for such issues. What if you place an ad in the newspaper about something you would wish to sell and the kind of incidence you just described happens? Is it the fault of the newspaper?
    Mahesh has had a good experience as far as these sites are concerned. You should be careful with the buyers(or sellers, as the case may be).

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    I have had quite good experience with OLX. I have sold my old laptop, 2 mobile phones as well as the old double bed in my house.

    If not electronics or automobiles, it is quite good for other items at least like furniture which can be a boon for bachelors living away from home and wanting cheap yet good items.
    Similarly, these sites are a gold mine to find study related books at cheap price.

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    Exactly my point, Ankit. These sites are much useful when selling household items other than electronics devices. Also the experience depends on how you deal with the buyers or sellers.
    Just because of a couple of bad experiences, it is not worth to blame the entire scheme of things.

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    I haven't sold anything yet, but bought a big mirror once. The thing is, till few days back people were selling old things in cheap rates, but now while searching for old furniture, rates are coming out to be more costlier than the new ones in the store.
    Moreover, one has to take the headache of transporting the item, if planning to buy anything.

    Selling out might be easier I guess.

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    I do not agree with answers in this thread about these website being fake. Ebay is also similar to website such as Olx and Quikr but they are not much popular and widely used by people all over the world. Main of motive of these websites was to help people in selling or buying used products on internet (focused on India).

    But mindset of people in India are destroying these big startups. Normally as per my survey, most of the people opt for these website when they are not getting there proposed amount of money. After meeting with hundreds of people and shopkeepers they haven't found anyone interested in them, then they go for these online website. At the same time, to the people they were selling their product also visit online site and search for same. They will search for the product and see High Pricing of same products on these same websites.

    If you really want to get benefit from these type of websites then try to take initiative. Contact with seller and try to bargain on total price. There is no issues in this website but only we have to use them smartly. Try to get help of customer care representatives if facing any issues.

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    Recently I have sold a book on OLX. The first time experience was nice. The beauty of the services OLX is the locality people are interested in the offer. Before finalizing the deal have enough chat. I fixed the deal within a day of posting the ad. It was quite amazing experience with OLX.

    You can even read my experience with OLX.

    Paresh Gujarati,
    NIT-Surat (SVNIT)

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