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    Is any one facing this problem with Windows 10?

    Since I have upgraded to Windows 10, I have been facing with this problem.

    Whether I use Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome, pages don't get loaded if a few tabs are opened at a time. And by saying "few", I really mean it, like maximum 4-5 tabs. It goes like this.

    I start visiting one tab, it takes its own sweet time to load, to save time, I visit another by that time, a blank and black coloured page keeps loading and after waiting for ages, it doesn't react. After trying for another one, thinking that it was accidental, same thing happens.

    But if I wait on a particular tab to get it fully loaded, things work fine. Now this is going too much. Feeling like going back to those days, when internet was introduced for the first time in human civilization.

    Firstly I wanted it to ask in the Ask Expert section, but then thought of discussing it here, so that I come to know whether it is is a common phenomenon.
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    I am having no such problem. In fact, loading of pages is fast for me, whether on Chrome or Firefox. If you have cleared cookies and cache as well as plug ins (which is the first thing most people do when things slow down) and are still having the problem, I suggest you try uninstalling any needless extensions that you are not really using. Try this out:
    On the 3 top horizontal stripes which is the Menu in the extreme right corner at the end of your browser, select 'More Tools' and sub-tool of 'Extensions'. You will see the list of extensions which are enabled. Uncheck (remove the tick mark) from the box of the extension you are not using & it will get removed from Chrome.

    From forums on the Net, lot of people do seem to have been complaining of slow loading of pages on Chrome and somewhere I read that it is possible a new, better version is on the way with all this issue of slow loading getting fixed.


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    Thanks Vandana, I'll try them out and hope that will work.

    By the way, just curious to know, how often should I clean my system? Previously I used to do it very occasionally, say once in a month when my system had Windows 7, with windows 10, I had to increase the frequency almost the double. But I wonder, do I need to do it every day?

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    A service engineer had once told me to ensure clearing of cache and cookies at least once a week. This was when my laptop had nearly stopped working and had slowed to a functional crawl. When he checked the cookies, he was showing me how much stuff had got accumulated for no reason!! He said people tend to forget to clear the history of searches & other stuff and hence over a long duration when the clean-up is not done, it becomes a mountain, putting pressure on the system. He said we just tend to forget to clean up regularly so it would be a good idea to fix a day of the week and diligently clean it up weekly on that particular day.

    He had also suggested removing plug-ins like Flash & Adobe since I said I don't really require them regularly and to enable them only when I need to.


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    Ok, that's pretty fine. Even now, probably I am doing this, really speaking I don't remember, but yes, now I have to make it a habit.

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    Though I am not using Windows 10, I am facing such a low loading issues on Chrome on my Windows 7. Looks like it is not an issue with the Windows 10. Maybe the recent background updates to Chrome have been responsible for the delay in loading pages.

    What I did was disable and delete the extensions I am no more in need of. Then cleared all those cache and my Chrome was back at its usual speed.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    Use CCleaner once every week and clear out cache and registry.

    Also avoid using hibernation and regularly restart your computer. This way memory will be free and you can have fresh bootup which reduces any such issues.

    Download Process explorer from Microsoft Technet website. And check the processes which are running in the background. You can disable the services you don't need which helps in running other programs smoothly. For the guidance on which services to remove or disable, google for "Black viper Windows 10 services tweaks".

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    Thank you Mahesh, even I follow the same in general, but yes you are right, to save time I have a tendency of putting it to hibernation than a proper shut down. But this way I might be ending up wasting more time.

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