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    Cleaning up the mailbox - A herculean task!

    I set myself to clean my Yahoo and Gmail inboxes. It was indeed a herculean task. I was aghast on noticing that more than 75% of the incoming mails were not relevant to me! I kept on unsubscribing most of them.
    I don't really understand how on earth do these people get my email ID and send me such spam mails. Maybe the sites we visit, or the ones we sign in share our information (or rather "sell" our information) to the advertisers.

    Finally, cleared all my unneeded emails. And I'm sure the inbox will begin filling up in a couple of minutes.

    Just felt like sharing the agony of cleaning up one's mailbox with the fellow members.
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    I can suggest something to make it easier henceforth. You can go to your settings and make a folder for each important senders and choose the command to receive the mails from them directly into those folders. For friends too you can make one folder and whenever a mail comes from not so frequent sender you can manually send them into that one.

    Once that is done, your Inbox is only filled with the unnecessary ones/spams. Select all and delete them.
    Don't know though whether this sounds impressive enough.

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    That's indeed a good suggestion. I never thought on those lines.
    Let me try it now and check how it works out.

    However, I have unsubscribed myself from all those mailing lists as of now. Hope not to receive any mail from those senders.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    Ya, Anwesha that's indeed an Excellent suggestion. I have heard of this but never tried because of lack of the proper guide. This is well explained and will try and end this Herculean task.

    Thanks for the tip.

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    Timmappa, sometimes email IDs are caught from public forums or from some online services that you use. I remember I used to send online greetings using the lovely greeting cards from one site. I started getting a lot of nonsensical spam, including some really vulgar ones. I was really appalled. At the suggestion of a friend, I decided to stop using that site and promptly all those rubbishy emails stopped!

    Similarly, I am careful not to give out my email ID to anybody. When I do need to do so to a member who needs guidance, I put [ ] and " " or other symbols and do not put the entire email ID as it actually is, separating the user ID part from the at [@] suffix. Thus it is difficult for any hidden / background trappers to catch the ID.


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    Yup, Vandana, that is actually a better way to provide your email ID. But,what happens in my case is I tend to register for certain sites for some useful information, or newsletters. In such cases, I need to provide my mail ID as it should be. Such sites seem to be sharing the mail ID with other sites.

    I have been unsubsribing myself from most of such newsletters from the "unsubscribe" link within the mail. Hopefully, it would stop the unnecessary mails.

    Live....and Let Live!

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