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    Why are some products and services not available in particular States?

    When companies offer special discounts and bargain deals on certain products or services, they often put the statement "This offer is not available in the State of......". Is there any reason for this? Why are certain States excluded from the offer? It is not as though the product or service itself is not available in that State, but just that the specific offer will not be available to customers who buy the product or avail of the service there.

    Is it due to some particularly stringent policies of that State's Government which govern discounts & bargain deals? Do TECians know the real reasons? Do throw some light on this.
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    Maybe it has certain reasons related to the local government rules. I kept searching for an answer to this question on Internet and among my friends involved with such offers. None of them could provide me with a satisfactory response.
    In some cases, these firms run the offers for the concerned state separately with some modifications, while at the same time running the similar contest for rest of India. Maybe that is one of the reasons.
    I would expect a couple of experts to come up and she'd some light on this.

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    Though I cannot come up with much technical knowledge on this, but I can share my personal experience which might guess the reason.
    In West Bengal the import export policies have a very complicated system and the people there are not cooperative at all and they refuse to work on this. We know a company which wanted to ship their product in Kolkata, and they faced immeasurable trouble and finally had to cancel their project altogether. Companies who know this beforehand would avoid such circumstantial pressures and would like to move ahead with smoother deals. I think that might be one of the major reasons.

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    One State that I found most commonly mentioned is Kerala. In some advertisements, other than Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh were mentioned. In fact, more often I do find Southern States mentioned and have yet to see any northern States being mentioned for such deals.

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    In relation with what we have been discussing in this thread, a controversy has erupted in the state of Tamil Nadu on account of such exclusion.
    In a recently concluded "The Great Indian Festive Sale" on Amazon, winners among those shopping for over Rs. 299 were set to win One kilogram of gold everyday. The residents of Tamil Nadu were excluded from this offer.
    Amazon has stated in its defence of its decision that the Tamil Nadu Prize Schemes (Prohibition) Act, 1979 prohibits the promotion or conduct of such contests. A Tamil political party TPDK has asked the government to take action against Amazon for excluding Tamil Nadu.

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