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    Flipkart Big Billion Day Offers - What's your opinion?

    Hello Techians,

    Most of us know that lately Flipkart had launched one of its biggest sale, namely Big Billion Day Sale. Last time they claimed to have sold products worth Rs. One billion in just one day. It drew a huge number of customers and even the sight crashed for a period due to heavy load. This time the sale was open for five days (13th - 17th October). But according to many people it lost its charm and wasn't as much successful as the previous one.

    I was just curious to know how was the experience of our Techulator family member. How did you find the offers? Whether you have bought something or not feel free to share your opinion on this.

    Sukanya Sadhu
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    Well, I'd been wanting to buy a Moto 360 smart watch for a while and was waiting for the big billion day sale on Flipkart. To my surprise, this product was available at a huge discount of around INR 3650. The final price I got was Rs. 10350 and I immediately bought it and am awaiting delivery.

    So, this year's Flipkart sale was pretty good for me!

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    The sale was quite good for high end items. But, it doesn't seem to have caught much attention as it did last year. Maybe it's my personal pinion, but I sure would think it has definitely lost its charm.
    It could have other reasons as well, like the competition with Amazon.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    Amit, congratulations on your buy and it's good to know that you found the offer useful. But as Timmappa said, the sale wasn't focused much on low end items. I wanted to buy a pen drive and a 32GB Micro SD card, both I got at a lower price on on the very same day. It seems Amazon has a really competitive attitude in online marketing as there was many attractive deals going on at the same time, plus they offered 1kg gold to one lucky winner each day. I think Flipkart got a tough competitor.
    'When you stop learning, you start dying' - Albert Einstein

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    That's a point, Sukanya. The online megastore business has now on the way to become saturated with so many big players. Amazon has been going much aggressive with its approach.
    Meanwhile, SnapDeal has been running its special Monday (I do not remember the name right now) offers for quite some time now. All these factors could have the reason for lacklustre response to the big billion day offer.
    Also, unlike what they did last year, Flip kart focused on a particular category each day which could have gone against it.

    One thing is sure - online retailing is not anybody's monopoly now.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    To a certain extent, I agree to the fact that the e-commerce business is getting saturated and most of the good deals on Flipkart this time were for high-end products. However, that being said, I would also state that I did manage to find some low/medium-end products at amazing prices.

    Apart from the Moto 360, I also bought the Teewe 2 streaming device, which is normaly priced around Rs. 1500-2300 on Flipkart and around Rs. 2100 on Amazon. I managed to get it for...... (any guesses?)

    Rs.999. Not bad isn't it!

    So, I guess there were some hidden gems on Flipkart as well.

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    You seem to have had a close look at the offers available, Amit. You really romped home with some good bargains!
    Sad we missed those deals.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    I guess I did :)

    On a serious note, I think we should also have a thread here on TEC dedicated to online deals and bargains. Maybe a forum thread where anyone who comes across a good deal on the internet can post about it.

    This way others who may or may not be looking for those products can avail its benefit. What do you guys say?

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    Sure, Amit - a sticky thread for sharing such biggest online deals would really be helpful. It would help all our members to benefit from those offers.

    Not everybody checks the online deals that regularly. Any of our members can post his/her findings so that other members can opt for the offers if they wish to.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    Wow Amit, I have to admit that you grabbed a pretty nice deal. Also I like the idea about sharing the ongoing deals and offers on Techulator. But a sticky thread won't be much useful in my opinion, as it will get too long after a while and all kinds of deals and discussion regarding them would just make a chaos. How about a forum thread category, namely 'online shopping' or something like that? We can create separate threads for separate kinds of deals. And this would also fetch a good amount of traffic I think.
    'When you stop learning, you start dying' - Albert Einstein

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    I have not purchased anything as such, but it seems that Flipkart did indeed cash in on the general shopping behaviour of consumers, namely getting bargain deals for products. It is at during such online sales, after all, that people do get an opportunity to buy something which is likely to be in their budget than at other times of the year. So I am sure Flipkart did make some sort of profit even if perhaps the response was more lukewarm than in the previous year.

    Amazon has definitely given Flipkart and other e-commerce sites a run for their money by offering the some products at lower raters than elsewhere. Yet, each of these e-commerce sites could have one advantage over the others, namely offering a particular product exclusively only at their site and not at the others, such as a premium smartphone. So that forces a buyer looking for that particular product purchase only from that site.


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    Regarding the suggestion for a separate thread or category for deals, I feel that this would be good for us if were allowed to give our affiliate links when posting such offers. On the flip side, I was wondering whether initiating such a thread or category would create a whole lot of spammy stuff! After all, what we would be doing is promoting other sites and driving traffic to their pages. It would not really benefit us as such, unless, as I said, affiliate links were allowed.

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    Though now the "Flipkart Big Billion Days" have gone. But I have not seen good offers in those Big Billion Days. So I wish to see better offers on the coming Diwali days.

    I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have.

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    I am wondering about the other side of the sale: how many customers could have returned products that they were not satisfied with? In that sense, did Flipkart go into any losses? Also, the sale was offered only via the Flipkart app. That was a smart marketing strategy, to induce potential buyers to download the app and use it to buy products. At the same time, not everyone has a smartphone. So did a good chunk of potential buyers get left out who would otherwise simply have ordered online from some other e-commerce site? I wonder...

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