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    How to work in techulator

    I loged in techulator but i don't know how to work in this site anybody help me to work in techulator.
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    By posting this thread, you have already started working in Techulator. Just take a look at all the sections and you will get familiar in a few minutes.

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    Welcome Muhammad Hammad! To work in Techulator, you need to contribute posts in the various sections. You could spend a few hours for a couple of days browsing through the various sections and checking approved posts to know how other members are contributing. That is, you will understand the need for quality in terms of presenting a post properly with paragraphs, headings where required, etc. In the articles section, for example, you need to use HTML tags to put in headings. You can give internal links too to other internal pages of our site (no external links allowed). Images without copyrights can also be inserted with the help of the attachments feature.

    You can use your expertise in a particular field to answer queries in our Ask Expert section or answer after searching for information on the Net.

    A good way to begin is right here in the forum. The forum section is a great platform to improve English and writing skills, not to mention interacting with other members & having your doubts cleared.

    The products' review section is closed to new members and only once quality contributions are seen in other sections that a member can get access to post in that section.

    Irrespective of which section you contribute to, keep in mind that while you can gather information from other sources, it is should be submitted here in your own words & writing style.

    You will find extremely useful guidelines in our Help section, but if you are confused about any feature or section, do ask in a forum thread. We will give the requisite guidance.

    Hope you have a nice time at Techulator!


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    Welcome Mohammad Hammad, to one of the best and genuine revenue sharing website in India.
    You have umpteen number of choices here to contribute , and earn while you do so. I would advice you to start off with the Ask Expert section. If you feel you are capable of answering any of those questions posted in the ASK EXPERTS section, you can post your responses. Pay attention to stay to the point. Vague responses or responses unrelated to the query posted may be summarily rejected.
    Take care to be as much original with your contents as possible. You can source your information from a multiple sources, but present your response in your own words after thoroughly understanding it. Copying content from other sites - even of it is your own - is not allowed here.
    Also be sure to use proper grammar and punctuations in your posts.
    Keep in touch with other members through this forum section. Once you are confident of your writing style and experience, you may consider posting articles.

    Live....and Let Live!

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